Tower of Fantasy Server Error ID: 5/10004 – How To Fix

It has been a while since the global release of the latest major MMORPG game, titled, Tower of Fantasy. In these days, the game has gathered fan in a global scale all around the world.

This games story revolves around a sci-fi story placed far in the future. The human race has found a new habitable planet and named it Aida. After a couple of centuries, they found a potential energy source from a comet named Mara.

But within 5 years of its discovery, there is an explosion and the entire planet of AIDA is irradiated which wipes out 80% of the population. The remainder of the population is continuously getting mutated into aggressive creatures.

The game revolves around the main character wandering around this planet and fighting hostile forces as they advance through the story. 

This game has become a quick hit amongst many players. But, just like other newly launched games, the players in ToF are also facing some issues with the game. One such issue is the Server Error ID: 5/10004 error. 

In this article, we will take a look at why this issue occurs, and what are its fixes. Read on to learn more.

ToF server and error codes fix

Why Does “Server Error ID: 5/10004” happen?

This error is caused when the server is unresponsive. A lot of traffic has been going to the server. Some issues are bound to happen with the game being played by so many people. The load on the server often goes to their 100 percent, making them malfunction. Sometimes the issue might not be based on actual server issues but on human error.

Here are some working fixes that have been tried and tested by the ToF community that can work to fix this issue.

How to Fix the “Server Error ID: 5/10004” Error in Tower of Fantasy

Check the status of the servers

The first thing that a player should do on facing this issue is to check the server status. This can be done in a few different ways.

  • “Tower of Fantasy” updates its scheduled maintenance and tweets on its Twitter handle. You can keep an eye on their social media to know about the scheduled maintenance. 
  • The second method is by checking the server status via
  • You can also check the status from the game dashboard itself. All the available servers are color coded that makes it tracking them easier and to indentify.
Tower of Fantasy Server Check

If you see that your preferred server is unavailable or red (Which means overload) by any means the best option for you would be to change over to an available server with a lighter load on it. In case nothing is available it’s best to wait out the rush and try joining at a later time.

Check Your Connection Status

You can expect frequent server issues if your connection is not stable or upto the mark for the game in question. Here it is Tower of Fantasy.

Here are a few points to check to ensure that you have proper internet connectivity.

  • Close all unnecessary background apps, which aren’t being used or isn’t critical to the proper functioning of your system. This ensures minimum load on your available bandwidth.
  • Run a quick speed test using websites like or If you have a slow or unstable connection, it means that your login requests are getting timed out and you are missing out on stability.
  • Initiate a quick router restart, also known as a soft reset. This helps in clearing out the cache of the router.
  • If you are running the game for the first time and you face this issue, this might also mean your firewall can be blamed for this issue.
  • Check your outbound and inbound rules for something preventing a successful connection.
  • It is recommended to disable the firewall completely and trying logging in. Sometimes the firewall blocks 3rd party connections that can cause this issue.

Retrying Logging In as a last resort

If all of the mentioned steps do not work for you, try retrying the log in option until you can get in. That is because, sometimes there are long login queues that take time to clear out.

Spamming the login makes sure you are in the queue and get in as soon as there is a space to do so. This is, by no means, a viable option, but if nothing else works, give this a go!

Restart Tower of Fantasy

Sometimes a simple thing like a restart can fix most of the issues regarding servers, error codes, and logins. That is because if there is a patch being pushed by the developers, restarting makes sure that it gets applied and the errors getting fixed.

Make sure to either do this at the very beginning of your troubleshooting or at the very end for safety measures.

That would be all from this troubleshooting guide for Tower of Fantasy. I hope you manage to fix any error codes or server issues that you are encountering. Make sure to check out gamerunits for more of such guides.

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