Tribes of Midgard Guide: Blood Moon & Quiet Night

Tribes of Midgard can be considered a Tower Defense Game. In this game, you form a tribe with up to 10 players to defend your village from the relentless onslaught of deadly spirits and gigantic brutes. Tribes of Midgard also have elements of survival, rogue-lite, and actions packed into it. I do not think it will let the players down in these aspects.

In this post, we will see two such aspects of survival in the game. They are called Blood Moon and Quiet Night. We will see the occurrences, consequences, and a possible way to approach these features in the game. Check it out!

Blood Moon and Quiet Night Guides for Tribes of Midgard

Every 3 days [counting from the starting days] the game will show you that Blood Moon is rising. You can see the clear signs of this on your Day/Night UI by the color of the outer ring. Here is an example of that:

Blood Moon and Quiet Night Guides for Tribes of Midgard

On the night of the Blood Moon, The outer Ring will change its color to Red. And after the Night of the Blood Moon, The color of the same outer ring changes to Green. So, now the question arises about what happens during the blood moon? Well, let’s check it out.

Blood Moon: During the entire duration of a Blood Moon night, the Helthings attack on your village will become more aggressive, and your only job is to defend your village during this night. If you fail to do so, your tree won’t survive the onslaught of enemies. On a Blood Night, the enemies get buffed significantly. They will tend to spawn quicker, in larger volumes and new types of enemies called Bomblings and Sirelings will start spawning in addition to other Helthings. If not takes care of using strategy and effort, they will make sure that the Tree does not see the End of the night. Now Talking about the new enemies, let see what they do:

  • Bombling¬†appears to have a big dot with a white cross. They have high movements speeds and they explode on death. This causes an AOE damage to you and your NPCs. It also gives a massive damage to the Tree you are trying to protect dearly.
  • Sireling¬†has a bigger dot with a skull on it. This one is a formidable and powerful enemy to face. It can easily kill your NPCs by summoning an area of Void energy that does a tonn of damage. It can also make quick work of you, IF you do not plan ahead and make sure it does not reach you or the Tree first!

Quiet Night: After you have successfully defended the tree during a Blood Moon, you are rewarded by the game with a Quiet Night. The game will announce that no Helthings will spawn on that night. A much-needed sigh of relief after a long-fought battle with overpowering enemies is the right way to go. This is also the best time to go gather materials that are only available at night. Since the games keep on going and soon new enemies will show up, do all the extra chores like clearing areas, collecting night items, etc during this time.

That is all you need to know about the Blood Moon and Quiet Night in Tribes of Midgard. If you plan your actions correctly, these occurrences will be easier to deal with. This game is quite a difficult tower survival and I have played such a game, after a long time. Let us know how you are enjoying it as well. Thanks for reading and We will see you in the next one!

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