Twelve Minutes | 100% Achievement Guide

This guide shows the requirements for all the Achievements and how to do them in Twelve Minutes. This game is an interactive thriller about a man trapped in a time loop. Featuring James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Dafoe. Walk-in their shoes and experience the Top-Down view thriller in its glory!

Take note that this is not a walkthrough for the game. However, it may contain spoilers, so we highly advise readers’ discretion. This guide is not in any particular order, hence do as you please regarding the order of the achievements.

All Achievements for Twelve Minutes Game

Continue – Blissful ignorance.

In one of the loops, you have to talk with your wife about the red book she reads. She starts to read it on the couch and later on the chair in the bedroom. This will only happen if you do not trigger any other activity in the loop.

At the end of the game, when you get to the second sequence with the father, you have to click the red book on the shelf behind you. Now simply wait for the monologue of the father to finish and you should be done with this one.

Mindfulness – Present moment.

In the end, when you get to the second sequence with the father, you have to watch the clock when it hits 12 o’clock. To get the time for this, first, let him talk long enough until he threatens you to hit you. Then click on the red book on the shelf behind you and wait the rest of the time while watching the clock. If you do this correctly, you should be done with this achievement by the end of it all.

Alone – All alone.

In the end, when you get to the second sequence with the father, choose to leave the daughter alone. You can get the watch back from the vent in the bathroom and turn it manually on 2 minutes before 12. This triggers the second father sequence again.

Confessed – I’ll do it.

Talk to your wife about the past and what really happened. Then select the option, you are the killer. Simply confess to the sins you did. Then trigger the cop to listen by calling her daughter and say your wife is innocent. Also, grab the watch while you do all of these.

In the later conversation with the cop, when your wife points at you, admit to your sins. Tell him about the watch and after he is gone and your wife locked herself in the bathroom just leave the apartment.

Coward – Not my problem.

When your wife sits on the couch give her a mug with sleeping pills. When she goes to bed turn the lights on and off in the bedroom. Now, get the watch from the bathroom and the phone from the closet and then wait in the closet.

After she faints, handcuff her with one of her cuffs. When she wakes up, talk to her and say you will cooperate. Then just do what he tells you.

Groundhog – The perfect day

Move away from your wife and call the cop’s daughter and tell her the reason why her father is doing this. Then prepare the dinner by putting plates and filled cups on the table. Tell your wife you are ready for dessert. Play the role of a nice guy until you get the achievement!

Faun – The Poster.

To get this achievement, you have to watch the painting in the bedroom along with all of its variants.

  • Begining of the game – The couple stands on a balcony, surrounded by white flowers – beginning
  • Loop 9 onwards – Couples stands apart and the white flowers are gone
  • After the first sequence with the father – the Man stands alone with a monster in the background

Seasons – The Seasons.

For this, you have to watch the paintings over the couch in all of their variants.

  • Loop 1 – two trees with green leaves
  • Loop 2 – three trees with green-brownish leaves
  • From loop 9 onwards – three trees with only the left one with green-brownish leaves
  • After the first scene with the father – three trees in a snowy environment

Ouroboros – The Egg

For this, you have to view the painting adjacent to the window in the living room along with all of its variants.

  • Loop 1 – simple egg
  • After the first scene with the father – an eye is visible at the top of the egg
  • After going back in the loop from “being alone” achievement – a snake biting its own tail is seen

Fluidity – Water the plant once

Just get one of the mugs, fill it with some water and use it on the flower. That is all you need to do to complete this achievement.

Listen – Let it be.

Do this achievement after a new tutorial has finished. This is needed to be done at the beginning of the game. If you missed this one, you may have to start a new game. Just don’t do anything after entering your apartment until the sequence ends. That should do it for you!

Gardener – Watch them bloom

You need to blossom the flower 3 times to get this achievement. Each blossom is “rewarded” for reaching one of the three “loop” endings described from ” Confessed – I’ll do it” to ” Groundhog – The perfect day”.

Until you reach the three blossoms, don’t forget to give the flower a cup of water in every loop you play. When it has all three blossoms, you have to water it one more time to complete this achievement.

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