Ultimate Custom Night – How to get 5000+ Points with 0 Skill

If you want to know how to get 5000+ Points with 0 Skill in Ultimate Custom Night, keep on reading this post. The game is similar to FNAF security breach which you may have played recently. But this one is older, dating back to 2018.

Ultimate Custom Night – How to get 5000+ Points with 0 Skill

Initial Strategy

After turning off your desk fan, turn on the power generator, and shut the front vent, you don’t need to worry about anything.

You have to make sure the animatronics are lured by a closed duct after. You don’t have to worry about the ducts anymore, but you can always check them out later in the night.

Late Game Strategy (Night Time)

  • Catch Old Man Consequences fish whenever he pops up (C) so you don’t get your monitor blocked (could be deadly if you need to reset your ventilation)
  • Don’t click on Foxy’s parrot when it shows up
  • Close out of El Chip’s ad whenever he pops up (Enter)
  • When the lights start flashing and you hear banging in the vents, close the side vent (F), from then on you won’t have to worry about Scraptrap killing you
  • Whenever Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, and Withered Bonnie show up in your office, put on your Freddy mask to take care of them (Keep in mind you have less time to put on your mask with Withered Bonnie than with both Toy animatronics)
  • When you flip down your Camera put on your freddy mask if Golden Freddy Appears (You can also flip up your monitor, but I recommend just using the freddy mask)
  • The rest of the animatronics cannot kill you but they will be an annoyance (Free Points am I right) Helpy, Funtime Chica, and Trash and the Gang will just get in your face blocking your view shortly, If you see Phantom Mangle/Phantom BB on the cams, switch cams quickly, or else your cams will auto shut (With a jumpscare from BB, or just an audio disturbance from Mangle) you can avoid this by keeping your cams on the duct system.
  • Phantom Freddy will slowly appear in your office (Especially with the high heat), you do not need to use your flashlight on him since he cannot kill you, only block your vision like Phantom BB, although you can flash him if your so desire
  • As long as you don’t look at Cam 05, Bonnie Won’t be an issue
  • You may not be able to flash Phantom Freddy if Balloon boy is in your office though, you can shut the side vent (F) if you see Balloon Boy/JJ in the vent, although shutting the vent on Balloon Boy isn’t 100% necessary, you will want to shut the vent on JJ, or else she will disable your door controls, which means death in some cases.


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