Vampire Survivors Beginners Guide to Compendium

This is a Vampire Survivors Beginners Guide to Compendium content. This will contain all the information for weapons, characters, maps, achievements and more. For the full information keep on reading.

Vampire Survivors Beginners Guide (Weapons, Characters, Maps, and More)

This Vampire Survivors guide contains a lot of basic information that will come in handy to progress in the game. Especially if you are a beginner, these tips will help you immensely.

Beginners Strategies and Tips

You can play until you get Garlic (5 Floor Chickens), Hollow Heart (live 1 minute), and Empty Tome. If you want to build a powerful character, you should follow this tier-list.

Antonio: Starting weapon – Whip


  • Best picks: Garlic, King Bible, Magic Wand, Laurel
  • Decent Picks: Axe (best 6th weapon if evolved with Candelabrador), Cross, Runetracer
  • Poor picks: Fire Wand, Knife, Peachone, Ebony Wings, Santa Water, Lightning Ring
  • Worst picks: Clock Lancet, Pentagram


  • Best picks: Spinach, Spellbinder (evolving King Bible), Empty Tome (evolving Magic Wand)
  • Decent Picks: Duplicator*/ Crown / Attractorb
  • OK Picks: Hollow Heart (evolving whip) / Bracer / Candelabrador (higher if using axe)
  • Poor picks: Clover / Stone Mask
  • Worst picks: Wings / Armor / Pummarola

Weapons List and How To Unlock

This is the entire weapons list for Vampire Survivors along with tips on how to unlock each weapon.

Whip – Attacks horizontally, passes through enemies.
Ignores: speed, duration.

Bloody TearEvolved Whip. Can deal critical damage and absorb HP.
Requires: Hollow Heart

Magic Wand – Fires at the nearest enemy.
Ignores: duration.

Holy WandEvolved Magic Wand. Fires with no delay.
Requires: Empty Tome.

Knife – Fires quickly in the faced direction.
Ignores: duration.

Thousand EdgeEvolved Knife. Fires with no delay.
Requires: Bracer.

Axe – High damage, high Area scaling.
Ignores: duration.

Death SpiralEvolved Axe. Passes through enemies.
Requires: Candelabrador.

Cross – Aims at nearest enemy, has boomerang effect.
Ignores: duration.
Unlocked by: Find a Rosary. (drops from breaking light sources)

Heaven SwordEvolved Cross. Can deal critical damage.
Requires: Clover

King Bible – Orbits around the character.
Best with: speed, duration, area.

Unholy Vespers = Evolved King Bible. Never ends.
Requires: Spellbinder.

Fire Wand – Fires at a random enemy, deals heavy damage.
Ignores: duration.
Unlocked by: Destroy 20 light sources.

HellfireEvolved Fire Wand. Passes through enemies.
Requires: Spinach

Peachone – Bombards in a circling zone.
Best with: cooldown, duration.
Unlocked by: Survive 10 minutes with any character.

Ebony Wings – Bombards in a circling zone.
Best with: cooldown, duration.
Unlocked by: Get Peachone to Level 7.

Santa Water – Generates damaging zones.
Ignores: speed

Runetracer – Passes through enemies, bounces around.
Best with: speed, duration.
Unlocked by: Survive 5 minutes with Pasqualina.

Lightning Ring – Strikes at random enemies.
Ignores: speed, duration.
Unlocked by: Defeat a total of 5000 enemies.

Garlic – Damages nearby enemies.
Ignores: cooldown, duration, speed.
Unlocked by: Find 5 Floor Chickens.

Pentagram – Erases everything in sight.
Best with: cooldown and luck only.
Unlocked by: Survive 20 minutes with any character.

Clock Lancet – Chance to freeze enemies in time.
Ignores: power, speed, amount, area.
Unlocked by: Find a Orologion. (drops from breaking light sources)

Laurel – Shields from damage when active.
Best with: cooldown only.

Bone – Throws a bouncing projectile.
Best with: duration, speed.
Only usable by Mortaccia (starting weapon).

Passive boosts and how to unlock

This is the entire Passives list for Vampire Survivors along with tips on how to unlock each passive.

Spinach – Raises inflicted damage by 10%.

Armor – Reduces incoming damage by 1.

Hollow Heart – Augments max health by 10%.
Unlocked by: Survive 1 minute with any character.

Pummarola – Character recovers 0.1 HP per second.
Unlocked by: Survive 5 minutes with Gennaro.

Empty Tome – Reduces weapons cooldown by 8%.
Unlocked by: Hold 6 different weapons at once.

Candelabrador – Augments area of attacks by 10%.
Unlocked by: Get Santa Water to Level 4.

Bracer – Increases projectiles speed by 10%.
Unlocked by: Get King Bible to Level 4.

Spell Binder – Increases duration of weapon effects by 10%.
Unlocked by: Get Runetracer to Level 7.

Duplicator – Weapons fire more projectiles.
Unlocked by: Get Magic Wand to Level 7.

Wings – Character moves 10% faster.
Unlocked by: Reaching Level 5 with any character.

Attractorb – Character pickups items from further away.
Unlocked by: Find a Vacuum (drops from breaking light sources)

Clover – Character gets 10% luckier.
Unlocked by: Find a Little Clover (drops from breaking light sources)

Crown – Character gains 7% more experience.
Unlocked by: Reaching Level 10 with any character.

Stone Mask – Character earns 10% more coins.
Unlocked by: Find a Stone Mask (Found in Library in top alcove sections rarely)

Characters and their passives

This is the entire characters list for Vampire Survivors along with their passives. Some of them also have methods to unlock them in the first place.

Antonio – Starting Weapon: Whip
Passive: Attacks deal 10% more damage every 10 levels (max +50%) (Lvl 50)

Imelda – Starting Weapon: Magic Wand
Passive: Gains 10% more experience every 5 levels (max +30%). (Lvl 15)

Pasqualina – Starting weapon: Runetracer
Passive: Projectiles get 10% faster every 5 levels (max +30%). (Lvl 30)

Gennaro – Starting weapon: Knife
Passive: Permanent +1 projectile (all weapons).

Mortaccia – Starting Weapon: Bone
Passive: Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (max+3) (Lvl 60)
Unlocked by: Defeat a total of 3000 skeletons.

Poe – Starting Weapon: Garlic
Passive: Permanent +25% pickup radius and =30 max health.
Unlocked by: Get Garlic to Level 7.

Porta – Starting Weapon: Lightning Ring
Passive: Permanent +30% area. Starts with temporarily reduced cooldown (so Lightning Ring kills faster).
Unlocked by: Get Lightning Ring to Level 4.

Arca – Starting Weapon: Fire Wand.
Passive: Weapon cooldown is reduced by 5% every 10 levels. (max -15%) (Lvl 30)
Unlocked by: Get Fire Wand to Level 4.

Maps and how to unlock them

This is the maps list for Vampire Survivors along with tips on how to unlock each map.

  • Hyper Mad Forest – Defeat the giant Blue Venus in the Mad Forest.
  • Inlaid Library – Reach Level 20 in Mad Forest.
  • Hyper Inlaid Library – Defeat the Nesuferit in the Inlaid Library.

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