Vampire Survivors – Exterminator Build (v 0.2.7e)

This Vampire Survivors guide will show you the best Exterminator Build for v 0.2.7e. I will try to show the required weapons and buffs, which are both optional and/or required for you.

Vampire Survivors – Exterminator Build (v 0.2.7e)

Required Weapons

  • Axe — Upward+downward weapon, later upgrades to Death Spiral
  • King Bible — Surrounding Weapon, later upgrades to Unholy Vespers
  • Rune Tracer — Great AOE weapon with decent DPS

Required Buffs

  • Candelabrador — Necessary to upgrade Axe + Enhances AOE
  • Spellbinder — Necessary to upgrade King Bible + Increases duration
  • Spinach — Damage Amplifier

Optional Weapons

  • Laurel — Helps to shield from damage

Optional Buffs

  • Crown — Faster lvl scaling
  • Empty Tome — Reduces cooldowns
  • Duplicator — More projectiles = More Damage

How To Use and Play with the build

You should try to evolve Axe to Death Spiral as fast as possible. Weapons are your main source of damage. You can’t lose one of these evolved weapons unless you start walking into creeps.

To evolve the weapon you need to upgrade it to level 8 and have a buff. After that, an elite creeps will drop a chest. If you don’t have a needed buff, upgrade your weapon to level 8. You may not be able to evolve it if you don’t risk it.

You are allowed to take any weapon. After getting these 3 it is easier to scale up but an AOE weapon is better. You can take almost any buff that will help you with your play style.

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