Vampire Survivors Patch Notes 0.2.13 – Feb 20, 2022

With patch 0.2.13 for Vampire Survivors, we saw the introduction of new characters and power-ups in the game. For the full detail of bug fixes and additions, read the full content.

Vampire Survivors Patch Notes 0.2.13 – Feb 20, 2022

New Content:

  • 1 new PowerUp is immediately available
  • 4 new achievements to unlock:
  • 1 new character.
  • 1 semi-new character holding a new special weapon.
  • 1 new Passive Weapon.
  • 1 extra rank for the Reroll PowerUp.
  • Additional fixes and diagnostics for people stuck on a blank screen when starting the game
  • Tweak: doubled Hollow Heart and Pummarola bonuses
  • Tweak: default Axe passes through 1 more enemy
  • Tweak: changed layout of pause menu and availability of the Quit button
  • Tweak: Steam achievements synched automatically when launching the game
  • Tweak: Reroll base cost reduced to 5k
  • Bugfix: Empty Tome now affects cooldowns immediately
  • Bugfix: keyboard input opening/closing menus too quickly
  • Bugfix: a late-game issue that would occasionally spawn too many enemies off-screen

The Deep Lore of Vampire Survivors

While we wait for an in-game bestiary, I just wanted to make everyone aware that this is not bacteria nor a desktop fan, but it is, allegedly, a “Lion Head”:

Curse PowerUp

The new Curse PowerUp is for experienced players and will most likely be tweaked quite a bit compared to the others as new patches keep coming. If you buy it by accident, please remember that you can refund your PowerUps at any time, for free.

Upcoming Patches and New additions

Next week we’ll be moving up to patch 0.3.0, containing a new game mechanic and a new Stage, complete with a new layout and enemies.


There’s work in progress for languages that require a lot of space and for using better fonts, but an estimate for such improvements would be after the next patch.
Thank you to everyone who wants to contribute to fan translations, still have a lot of emails to go through so sorry if I still haven’t managed to reply to everyone!

Linux version

Still in the process of making tentative native builds, especially with the Steam Deck being just around the corner, but for now, Proton is still the best way to play the game, even on Deck.

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