Virtual Families 3 – How To Get Rid of Ants

If ants invade and disturb the ambiance of your kitchen and house in Virtual Families 3, then I am afraid, they need to leave. That is exactly what this post will explain. We will show you how you can get rid of these invasive ants in the game. This is a very important step to improve the quality of your time in Virtual Families 3, so let’s take a look…

How To Get Rid of Ants in Virtual Families 3

Before we start off with the guide, if you have noticed the above image, you can see how an invasion of ants looks like in virtual families 3 if you leave the kitchen unchecked for long. The correct term for ant Removal is called Extermination. Here is how you can do that:

Steps to Get Rid of Ants in VF3

  1. Make sure that the ants are are moving down a path on the kitchen floor. This is necessary to draw them in for the extermination.
  2. Keep a brown jar near the sink and orange peels by the trash and recycling bins to keep them in check.
  3. Drag one of your family members (preferably a child 14 years and older, or a parent) to the brown jar (a cinnamon jar).
  4. They will take it to the workshop to prepare it for the spray. Do not put them on another activity or get them distracted by a child
  5. They will drop the cinnamon jar and it will never be recovered. This means that you can’t make the spray needed to kill the ants, so it is important to not put them on any other activity for the time being.
  6. Wait patiently while they prepare it. If you drop them on the cinnamon jar again in the workshop, you cannot redo the activity, meaning the ants will stay for sometime now.
  7. When they’re done preparing the cinnamon, drop them on the orange object by the trash bins.
  8. They will take it to the workshop to finish the spray. After they’re finished, they will spray it on the ants in the kitchen and get rid of them.

New Method

You need to move one of the family members to the telephone. Next, allow for them to make a call to the exterminator. By simply doing this, you can easily get rid of the ants in the Newer version of Virtual Families 3.

What is Virtual Families 3?

The sequel to the smash-hit mobile game “Virtual Families 2” is here with the arrival of Virtual Families 3. It is a simulation game where you adopt a child and raise him/her to be the best of itself. you help him/her in making good life decisions. You also help them with their career and encourage them to apply for jobs, goals, and much more! Here are some of the features of the game:

ADOPTING FAMILY: As mentioned earlier, you get to adopt a child and watch it grow to its full potential in this game. They include taking the first baby steps to watch it do a job!

DESIGNING HOMES: Expand and renovate your virtual house. Your adoptee’s new home has a lot of potentials, but they need your help to fix it up! Imagine your dream home and make it a reality. Add bedrooms, a garden, a home theater, or even a game room! Collect decorations to customize and design each room.

IMPROVING QUALITY OF LIFE: Train your little people from babies to adulthood to take care of their homes and make the best choices in life. Encourage them to work on their career and earn money for decorations, necessities, and luxuries. Upgrade your virtual family to be the best versions of themselves. Your little people will send you messages, thanking, pleading, and praising you for caring for them. Don’t forget to check in on them, because they miss you and become very sad!

GREAT SIMULATION EXPERIENCE: Your little family continues to live, eat, grow, and work when the app is switched off. Along the way, there will be many different random events to respond to, all of them adding surprise to this simulation game and unexpected elements to routine, daily virtual life. Find highly varied, unpredictable gameplay. No two games run the same; the story unfolds differently for everyone who plays it. This simulation game is designed to have a life of its own!

That is all we had to share from this post on how to get rid of ants in Virtual Families 3 and also a little bit of knowledge about the game. I hope this guide has helped you in some way or the other. Thanks for reading and we will see you in the next one…

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