Your Only Move Is HUSTLE – Beginners Guide and Tips

The core gameplay loop of the YOMI hustle is explained in this very basic and beginner-friendly guide. This walkthrough is just a starting point for you to experiment with and is not meant to be extensive.

Remember that you can always change the parameters and how you play the game in your own way. Take this guide as an outline that will help you to get started with YOMI Hustle.

Your Only Move Is HUSTLE – Beginners Guide and Tips

Before you can get started with the advanced modes and changes in the game, you need to know some basic stuff to get started with it. Let us take a look at the details down below.

What are Free Cancels?

Right under your health bar, you should see cross symbols. These are the indicators of free cancels in the game.

You can use a Free Cancel to cancel your move. You can also change the moves as per your opponent. You can choose a move that might take a long time to cover their option.

Getting hit will regenerate your free cancel so you should keep that in mind. There are advanced mechanics to this as well but since this is a starter guide, you should be fine getting used to free cancels.

What are Whiff Cancels?

The difference between whiff and free cancel is that you do not need to toggle them at any point. Use your Burst Meter to use a whiff cancel. Also, take note that, unlike free cancel, you do not have many options here.

When you do not have your free cancel, you can use your whiff cancel to stagger the opponent and then use the Burst Meter to use it effectively. Sometimes, you will not be able to move, block, or use any other attacks while using a whiff cancel so keep that in mind while using.

Burst and its Meter

When your Burst Meter is full, you have the option to use your BURST! move. This is indicated by a blue icon on the UI of the screen.

By using the burst move when your opponent hits you, you can break out of a combo early and return to neutral. This will empty your BURST meter. This will cause your opponent to play around the burst move.

If an opponent predicts a burst move, this will leave you in the combo without access to burst, until your meter fills up. Your opponent can do very safe combos, which can lead to massive damage. burst is very good but it is not completely safe.

Neutral Game

A game starts in a neutral position. The stage of a fight is where neither player is blocking nor getting hit, and you are trying to figure out the best way to start or continue your game plan.

There’s an assumption that the characters are not very close to each other, so there is some movement room to move around and use a variety of attacks. You will need to find ways to make them waste options so you can keep going.

Using Game Helper

The only help you will need from the game is already provided in the game. If you click on the “?” icon located at the top-left corner of the main screen, you will find a lot of basic information there.

Reading these are necessary to know more in-depth about the moves and mechanics of the game. You can hover over each icon, and it will tell you what each icon does:

What are Predictions?

After picking a choice or course of action for your stickman, the game will show a possible outcome of that action. Take this as a preview of the future your stickman will hold if it does that action.

Once the hologram turns green, that is the indication of the moment you can use them again.

Action Deck and how to use them

These are the main action buttons you can use to interact with the game. Each action or move will show you a small preview of what the outcome can be. You will not have all the actions available to you at all times because there are separations of those actions.

When an enemy lands a hit on you, most of your offensive actions will go away and you will be left with a few defensive options to work with.

The Hold Action is quite unique here since you can use this one mid-fight or action. The rest of them are either before or after a particular action.

The Super Meter indicates the build-up of the super gauge for you. This meter can go up to level 9 (Max). You will spend this gauge on super moves, and some moves will cost you more than 1 gauge bar.

Use Directional Influence to make enemies harder to hit you. This will open up the game for you and you can make a lot of moves after this.

How To Be Offensive

Being offensive is the key to winning in this game. Your main motive will be to create and put as much pressure as possible on the opponents. Each character has a different skill set but all of them share common patterns.

For example, there will always be a push move to push back the enemy. They have actions to parry, attack others, or attack in short intervals as well. You have to put in the time to learn each character separately for these playstyles.

Defense Basics

Defending in this game can be broken down into a few things:

  • Blocks and Parries
  • Dodges
  • Hustles

Blocking is useful and should be done off cooldown to let them know you can parry and block both. Dodge enemy actions to make your own move and punish them whenever you see fit. Use Hustles to gain your meter instantly. This is basically a taunt move that is rewarding on very rare occasions.

Movement Basics

Every character is different in Yomi Hustle. A person like Cowboy has a more specific controlled move style.

Attacks can also affect movement. A jump kick from Ninja sends you flying toward the enemy in a jump kick, but Cowboy’s horizontal slash sends you moving a bit.

If you lose the ability to use certain movement options after starting a combo, you have to rely on your choices to follow up a combo. Super moves will allow you to pass this limit.

An instant cancel will refresh you to get your movement back, but it costs you a level of meter, so you have to be careful. I’m going to give a short guide on each character.

Given the outline of the basics you need for this game, I hope it will become more clear once you get started with it. As you progress in YOMI Hustle, you will get to learn more advanced things that will help you a long way!

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