Zombie Frontier 4 Beginners Guide, Tips, and Walkthrough

Zombie Frontier 4 is the latest addition to the Zombie Frontier Series. It is a first-person zombie shooting game with some unique features. You get to collect materials, blueprints to craft weapons, fight off mutated Zombie-Bosses, and kill lots of enemies.

Beginners Guide, Tips, and Walkthrough for Zombie Frontier 4

Equipping/Replacing Items

To equip an item, for example, a grenade, you need to click on the middle of the screen from the start menu. There would be two “+” icons. Once you click there you will get the chance to select an item to the slot. For example, if you click on Grenade > Then press ‘Replace’ you will have it equipped.

How To Get/Unlock Weapons

In the Main Menu Screen, you should see a shop icon in the bottom-right of the screen. Select that and it should open a shop with a lot of options to purchase different weapons. your very first weapon will be the MP5. To get that click on the empty weapon slot and select purchase to get it. It will usually cost you 800 $ (In-Game).

Increasing Weapon Power/Upgrade

If you plan on playing ZF4 actively, you must increase the weapons’ power regularly to keep up with the increasing levels and new updates. To increase power, click on your desired weapon and a window should open up. Click on the ‘Bullets’ icon > Select upgrade. This will level it up and increase the power of the Weapon. In this case, it will be the MP5.

Increasing Weapon Power

There are other parts of the weapon you can upgrade, which increases the overall stats of the weapon. Other parts include Stock, Scope, Magazine, and Muzzle.

Combat Tips

I would suggest that you stick to the free part of the game as much as possible. It is totally possible to upgrade the weapon without spending a single penny in the game. I am not discouraging in-app purchases. Just a personal suggestion.

As the combat goes, your simple aim is to acquire new weapons that are more powerful than your initial ones. For example, a good upgrade of the MP5 can be the AK-47. Clear each level and claim the free rewards as you progress in the game.

Use them to upgrade the Stock, Muzzle, Scope, Magazine, and Bullets of the weapon. Keep the emphasis of upgrades on Bullets first, then the rest of the weapon attachments. That is because it will help you do more damage. Stability is not much of an issue in this game so give less emphasis to that.

To Sum it up, the objective of the combat is pretty simple. If you need a TLDR, it would be to clear level > Upgrade Bullets first, then rest of the weapon parts > Acquire Powerful weapons like AK47 > Continue with the game.

Apocalypse Challenges

These challenges grant you the thrill of slaying a lot of zombies. It rewards you handsomely for clearing tough challenges with in-game currencies, perks, and more. This is an unlimited stream of challenges that keeps updating every day. Hence you are certain to never run out of it anytime soon in your in-game time!

The list of Zombies that are currently there in the challenges includes Lickers, Roadblockers, Chargers, and other mutated zombies. There is also the “Mother Worm”, the ultimate warped combination of all zombies, and last, but not least General Simmons and other mutated zombies

Progression System

Your progression in the game is tracked by weapon upgrades, weapon modifications, new weapon mods, armor suits, and more. You can purchase First Aid Kits, Adrenalines, and other consumable items on the fly to help you mid-combat…

These are basically the list of things you should upgrade while you progress and some things you should keep with you at all times.

Take Note that in order to play the next Campaign chapters, you need to power up the weapons to reach the level requirements. So make sure you save up enough in-game $ to reach the levels quickly.

That would be all for now from this guide of Zombie Frontier 4. As I find out more about the game, I will try to update this post so that you can come back to this and it helps you out in progressing as well. Thanks for reading and I will see you in the next guide!

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  2. Can somebody please tell me how to apply components to boost weapons?
    I have 1390 components for synthesising tha advanced weapon modules..
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