Ready or Not – How To Skip Intro Video

We all like to boot up the game and get going with it immediately. It is fine if you see the intro video a few times, but it can get repetitive over time.

In a game like Ready or Not, you may want to skip the Intro Video if you are playing it for a long time and want to just go to the “play” part right away. In this guide, we will see how you can do that.

Ready or Not – How To Skip Intro Video

There are a few ways to skip the intro video in Ready or Not, depending on how you want to go about it. Unfortunately, the game settings do not have to option to skip the intro video, so a workaround is required to do this. I will share some of the methods:

How To Skip Intro Video (PC Only)

  • Navigate to your Ready or Not installation directory – Steam Directory>\steamapps\common\Ready Or Not.
  • Open the “Content” folder, then go to “Movies”.
  • Locate the file called “ReadyOrNot_StartupMovie.mp4”.
  • You can move, rename, or delete this file. 

Whatever you do, make sure you take a backup of this file first to avoid any lost content in case of any issues.

Skipping Intro Video (With Mods)

  • Several mods on Nexus Mods can skip the intro video. Find the one suitable for you on their site. (No Promos)
  • Remember to only download and install mods from trusted sources and avoid any malicious software installation.

Take note that making such changes, whether by mod or manually, may disable your achievement unlocks, so use them carefully.

As mentioned previously, make a copy of the files before modding or modifying them manually.

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