Best Graphics Settings for Genshin Impact for High FPS

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular and graphically-intensive games these days. It can bring down the best of phones that run other mobile games on the highest settings. It’s a Gacha style fantasy action role-playing game by miHoYo.

Genshin Impact has a Live Indicator which shows you how much load will be put on your hardware when the game is running.

This feature allows you to switch between graphics settings and see the impact on your device’s performance.

Best Graphics Settings for Genshin Impact for High FPS

Best Graphics Settings for Genshin Impact on Mobile

It’s not a secret that you need to have a powerful system in order to play Genshin Impact. We knew this would be the case, so we planned ahead to ensure that the game will run smoothly on any device.

The best settings for playing Genshin Impact are either medium to high performance or take it up a notch with the maximum graphics performance, according to our extensive tests.

To change the graphic settings, open the main menu, then select Settings, and then Graphics.

  • Render Resolution: Medium
  • Shadow Quality: Low
  • Visual Effects: High (Drop it down to Medium if you want to reach 60 FPS)
  • SFX Quality: Low
  • Overall Settings: Low
  • FPS: 30 or 60 (Personal choice, 60 FPS lead to higher battery consumption but results in much smoother gameplay)
  • Motion Blur: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing: TAA (Extremely important, or else your game will have a lot of jagged lines and edges)
  • Crowd Density: Low (Does not affect gameplay whatsoever)

For Maximum Framerates

  • Render Resolution: High (Stay on Medium if you have a sub 1080p display screen)
  • Shadow Quality: High
  • Visual Effects: High
  • SFX Quality: High
  • Overall Settings: Highest
  • FPS: 60
  • Motion Blur: High (You can turn this off if you do not like the blurriness)
  • Anti-Aliasing: TAA (Extremely important)
  • Crowd Density: Low / High (Cranking this up will only populate your game)

Best PC Graphics Settings for Genshin Impact

Here are the best PC Graphics Settings for Genshin Impact for PC. This is updated as per the latest patch for the game.

The Genshin Impact graphics settings are used on the PC. Since the game is played on many different hardware specifications, the settings may or may not work for you. If your game doesn’t work well, you can switch back to them.

For Max Performance and FPS

These are the best genshin impact graphics settings for max fps and performance:

  • Render Resolution: 1.1 (or Higher if your System can handle it.)
  • Shadow Quality: High
  • Visual Effects: High
  • SFX Quality: High
  • Overall Settings: High
  • FPS: 60 (Or set to your Native Refresh Rate)
  • Motion Blur: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing: SMAA
  • Crowd Density: High
  • Volumetric Fog: On
  • Reflections: On
  • Co-Op Teammate Effects: On
  • Subsurface Scattering: High

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