Best Loadout for the M13 Assault Rifle in COD Mobile S6 (2023)

The M13 assault rifle is a popular choice among Call of Duty: Mobile players, but it falls short compared to other weapons in its class.

Despite its high rounds-per-minute (RPM), the M13 lacks damage output, making it necessary to compensate for this weakness when selecting attachments.

Additionally, its range is relatively poor compared to other assault rifles, requiring different attachments for battle royale and standard multiplayer game modes.

Nevertheless, the M13 can still be effective. Here, we present the optimal load-outs for both game modes.

Optimal M13 Loadout for Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6

First introduced in 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the M13 has always had a dedicated fan base. Its notable strengths include its high fire rate, excellent mobility, and recoil control, which is among the best in the assault rifle category.

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However, its low damage output can pose a significant limitation, requiring players to land multiple shots to eliminate opponents, especially at longer distances.

Let’s explore the attachments that maximize the M13’s potential in battle royale and standard multiplayer modes.

Optimal M13 Loadout for Battle Royale

This loadout focuses on improving accuracy, recoil control, and range at the expense of some mobility.

The essential attachments for this loadout are the RTC Light Muzzle Brake and Merc Foregrip, while the 3X Tactical Scope 1 aid in engaging enemies at longer distances typically encountered in battle royale matches.

  • Muzzle: RTC Light Muzzle Brake
  • Optic: 3X Tactical Scope 1
  • Laser: QWC Laser – Tactical
  • Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip
  • Ammunition: .300 RTC Double Stack 40-round

Thanks to the Season 9 buff, the M13 performs better in battle royale mode, with an increased damage range.

This addresses one of the significant challenges the M13 faced in a battle royale, making it a more versatile weapon and a popular choice in Season 6.

Optimal M13 Loadout for Standard Multiplayer

The M13 excels in standard multiplayer modes due to its high fire rate and mobility, allowing players to rack up kills efficiently.

However, its high fire rate also leads to frequent magazine emptying, posing an ammo issue.

To mitigate this, we recommend the .300 RTC Double Stack 40 Round attachment and the Sleight of Hand perk, which provides a better magazine and facilitates faster reloads.

  • Muzzle: RTC Light Muzzle Brake
  • Laser: MIP Laser 5mW
  • Ammunition: .300 RTC Double Stack 40-round
  • Underbarrel: Strike Foregrip
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

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