Brawlhalla – Best Blaster Combos

The Weapons in Brawlhalla are the primary ways for players to increase their overall power. Although it is a fun part of video games, blasters are usually a pain in the rear.

To help new and old Brawlhalla players we have gathered a list of the best Blaster combos (created by some of the best players). These combos are perfect for practicing your skills and developing your play style. They’re designed to be easy to use and can be practiced without having to go through long, complex combos.

Best Blaster Combos in Brawlhalla

Before we get off with the combos, there are certain short forms, and their meanings that you need to know. They are as follows:

Short Versions and Important Combo Terms in Brawlhalla

  • NH = Neutral/Up Signature
  • DH = Down Signature
  • SH = Side Signature
  • Light Attacks:
  • NL = Neutral Light
  • DL = Down Light
  • SL = Side Light
  • Aerial Attacks
  • R = Recovery
  • GP = Ground Pound
  • NA = Neutral Air
  • DA = Down Air
  • SA = Side Air
  • GC = Gravity Cancel (Spot dodge in air and do a move)
  • J = Jump
  • DJ= Dash Jump
  • FF = Fast Fall
  • UD = UP Dodge
  • FD = Forward Dodge
  • BD = Dodge Away
  • DD = Down Dodge
  • T=Throw
  • PU=Pick Up

Best Blaster Combos

  • SA(Grounded)→NL (35 damage)
  • SA(Grounded)→DL (38 damage)
  • SA(Grounded)→SL (3 frames, 34 damage)
  • DL→SL (40 damage)
  • DL→J→SA (38 damage)
  • NL→UFD→XPivot→NA (3 frames, 37 damage)
  • SA→FD→DA (6 frames, 33 damage)
  • SL→J→SA (4 frames, 34 damage)
  • NL→UFD→R (10 frames, Use when you know the enemy has no dodge, 39 damage)
  • GC→DL→FD→XPivot→NA (40 damage)
  • GC→DL→FD→R (47 damage)
  • DA→GC→NL (2 frames, 37 damage)
  • DA→GC→DL (5 frames, 39 damage)
  • NA→J→R (10 frames, Good follow-up, 43 damage)
  • SL→WAIT→J→R (Towards you dodge read, 43 damage)T(Down)→PU→R (28 damage)
  • DL→FD→NL (Only works if DL is the first hit of the stock, 41 damage)<- Thanks to Collinb1000
  • NL→J→GC→NL (Spot dodge read, 38 damage)

If you have a hard time following the above guide, I will leave a link for a video guide, that will walk you through all the combos you can do using Blasters in Brawlhalla:

YouTube video

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