Diablo Immortal | Best Build For Blood Knight (Stats and PvE)

Diablo Immortal | Best Build For Blood Knight (Stats and PvE) – In the ever-evolving realm of Diablo Immortal, a game that faced initial challenges but has since triumphed with updates, a remarkable addition has captured players’ attention: the vampire Blood Knight class. This class, intertwined with darkness and fueled by malevolence, fights against the hordes of Hell.

As the game continually shapes its identity, we’re here to delve into the best build for the Blood Knight in Diablo Immortal, with a specific focus on dominating player versus environment (PVE) content.

Build for Blood Knight in Diablo Immortal: Best Skills, Equipment, and Sets for PVE

The Blood Knight: A Dark Avenger

While the anticipation for Diablo 4 builds momentum, Diablo Immortal holds its own in the gaming universe as a free-to-play mobile and PC installment of the revered Diablo series.

The journey of Diablo Immortal hasn’t been without its challenges, but through diligent updates, it has managed to find its footing. The latest buzz surrounds the addition of the vampire Blood Knight class, an embodiment of darkness itself, forged to combat the very forces of Hell.

In this exploration, we’re zooming in on the pinnacle of Blood Knight gameplay in Diablo Immortal: the ideal build for obliterating PVE challenges.

Crafting the Ultimate Blood Knight Build

The Blood Knight emerges as a melee hybrid, capitalizing on speed to engage foes, eliminate them swiftly, and fluidly transition to the next target.

In the midst of the class’s nascent stage, the meta is still shaping up. Nevertheless, a potent build has emerged from the shadows, demanding recognition.

Central to this blueprint is its specialization in PVE engagements. The paramount Diablo Immortal Blood Knight build is the Vampire Bat build, designed to siphon enemies’ life force and terminate them in a seamless flow of combat.

To amplify the ruthlessness and efficacy of this build, the following equipment is recommended:

  1. Chest Armor: Influencer – This piece bestows the Shroud of Night’s buff exclusively to you, while your other abilities summon a spectral entity for supplementary damage.
  2. Helm: Cousin to Wildcats – Siphon Blood not only slows nearby enemies to a crawl but also unleashes a devastating blood wave that stuns your adversaries.
  3. Main Hand Weapon: Broken Corseque – The damage inflicted by Siphon Blood soars when Hemmorage triggers.
  4. Off-hand: Mercy’s Plight – Shadow’s Edge marks enemies, progressively dealing augmented damage as the marks accumulate.
  5. Pants: Faces of Fading Mirth – The Swarm of Bats skill receives a venomous boost, adding poison damage to its deadly repertoire.
  6. Shoulders: The Numbing Edge – This component enhances Siphon Blood’s damage output by a substantial 20%.

The crux of this build revolves around Swarm of Bats as the primary skill, coupled with the ability to cast Siphon Blood on nearby adversaries.

This calculated tactic bestows healing upon the Blood Knight while simultaneously eroding the vitality of two adversaries, a masterstroke of efficient combat strategy.

PVE Prowess: Unveiling the Sets

In the arsenal of the Blood Knight’s armament, two sets have surged in popularity for PVE encounters within the Diablo Immortal realm:

  1. Issatar Imbued Set
    • 2-piece Bonus: Following each enemy vanquished, a surge of swiftness envelops you, granting a 30% augmentation in Movement Speed for a fleeting 2 seconds.
    • 4-piece Bonus: As your Movement Speed escalates by increments of 5%, your dealt damage ascends by 2.5% for each interval, culminating in a maximum damage boost of 25%.
  2. Gloomguide’s Prize Set
    • 2-piece Bonus: A swift Dash skill triggers a 15% surge in your damage output, a boon that endures for a triumphant three seconds.


While Diablo 4 dances on the horizon of gamers’ imaginations, Diablo Immortal retains its spot in the spotlight, bolstered by a dedicated player base and persistent updates.

The advent of the Blood Knight class, shrouded in vampiric darkness and animated by the essence of evil, marks a significant milestone in the game’s evolution.

As players navigate the labyrinthine challenges of PVE content, the Vampire Bat build emerges as a guiding light.

With its strategically assembled equipment and synergistic sets, the Blood Knight strides confidently through the shadows, an embodiment of prowess in Diablo Immortal’s dark and treacherous universe.

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