Dragon Cliff Guides, Tips, and Strategies

In this guide, We share some tips and Strategies on the game Dragon Cliff. Dragon Cliff has a deep and complex itemization system to support endless character builds. In order to assemble the most powerful adventure team, players need to collect adventure, kill monsters, advance talent trees, and find scrolls.

Dragon Cliff Guides, Tips, and Strategies for Beginners

Guide and Tips on the Basics

Basically Dragon Cliff will let you play the role of mayor which mean you will be;

  • Send party of adventurer into the dungeon while managing their equipment(s) and selection of class(s).
  • Simple town’s resource management (not much, such as create weapon or Armor to funding your town).
  • Manage your town’s residents by expel and approve of applicant(s)

In-game Currency Guide

obtain: selling equipment, resident skill, exploration
use: common money in the game

Practice Points
obtain: victory in any dungeon, refund when dismiss adventurer, purchase by Ash of Hope
use: levelling adventurer, summon adventurer

*remark: 25 Ash of Hope can be used to purchase ‘Practice Pack’ which contain 1 million Practice Points.

Ash of Hope
obtain: victory in Mystic Dimension (hard mode dungeon accessible after complete the quest and bought the key)
use: purchase item in new shop (such as Practice Points, advance material, etc.)

Adventurers Guide

Class Condition
Street Man
Drunk Reader
Starting lineup
Missionary Complete Inn’s Construction (Main Quest)
Paladin Dropped from Blood Stone Beast (Main Quest)
Night Blade Dropped from Demon Skull (Main Quest)
Snow Maiden Dropped from “Yitchin, the nest of thousand worms”(main quest) and also drops from all snow mountain bosses
Soul Thief 7 and above Wooden Forest bosses
Warrior level 10 and above Wooden Forest bosses
Tough Woman 15 and above Wooden Forest bosses
Cube Dropped from Snow Mountain bosses
Bun Sister Dropped from Snow Mountain bosses
Fashion Boy Snow Mountain bosses
Iron Soldier Dropped from Buried Temple bosses
Fire Charger Dropped from Buried Temple bosses
Elemental Wizard Buried Temple bosses
Fire Assassin Dropped from Mist Forest bosses
Red horn Dropped from Mist Forest bosses
Duelist Dropped from Mist Forest bosses
Golden Shaman Dropped from Mist Forest bosses during Spring
Conjurer Dropped from Northern Territory bosses
Tactician Dropped from level 31 and above Imperial Mausoleum bosses
Fire Player – Buy “Pile of Ash” from the shop
– Complete “A Charming Flame” quest
Young Warlock Obtained from the quest chain “Hidden Cult” and “Immortal Corpse, Shijie Xian”
Chubby Lady – Complete Wooden Forest level 9 twice
– Complete “Farm, farm, farm!”
– Buy “Farming Guide” from the shop

Practice Points Table

Range PP Required PP Required (cumulative) Remark
1 – 70 1.5 million 1.5 million
71 – 75 3 million 4.5 million
76 – 80 10 million 14.5 million
81 – 85 29 million 43.5 million Max Talent Acquired
86 – 90 87 million 130 million Only Boost Stat

Potential Guide

Potential are the maximum growth such adventurer can achieve. (the number show under level in adventurer status window) Therefore, normally higher potential mean better adventurer.

Please note that potential only show the upper limit which mean in some case adventurer with lower potential can have higher actual status.

Table Guide for Rarity and Potential Range

Rarity Potential Range
Common 0 – 37
Rare 39 – 73
Epic 74 – 122
Legendary 107 – 191
Ancient 194 – 285

Equipment Slot Guide and Tips

Adventurer have 5 equipment slots.

  • Weapon
  • Armor
  • Ring
  • Scrolls (unlock when you beat normal mode)
  • Amulet (end game content)

Items Guide


Star Red Star’s special effect + Legend’s special effect
Ancient Dark Red Legend’s special effect
Legendary Orange Legend’s special effect
Epic Purple
Rare Blue
Common White

Gem Socket

Equipment Possible Max Gem Socket
Weapon 4
Armor 3
Ring 0
Scroll 1
Amulet (WIP)


Your town consist of 7 facilities.


Residents consist of 4 parts;

  • Current Resident
    – This is the list of your current resident(s), you can dismiss them here.
    – Sometimes all resident(s) are not shown correctly, just reopen the Resident’s window will fix it.
  • Add Residential Vacancy
    – You can add more residential slot here with gold.
    – Maximum are 30 slots.
  • Applicants
    – List of resident applicants who want to live in your lovely town.
    – After successful adventure, 3 applicants will always appear here and when you choose one the others will went away.
  • Temporary Accommodation
    – You can told the AI to lock up every ancient or legendary resident that came by, so you can look at them later.

Add Residential Vacancy Cost


Residents consist of 3 parts;

  • Adventurer List
    – This is the list of adventurer interested to join your town.
    – New adventurer will arrive every 20 days.
    – Successful adventure also have chance to attract new adventurer.
  • Auto-hire
    – Auto-hire legendary or ancient adventurer..
  • Summon
    – Spend 50,000 Practice Points to instantly summon a new adventurer.

Armor Factory and Weapon Factory

Both Armor Factory and Weapon Factory consist of 2 parts;

  • Craft
    – You can craft armor or weapon here.
  • Auto-sell
    – Told the AI to Auto-sell armor or weapon according to its quality.

Material Table (WIP)

Range Material
1 – 7 Hide /
8 Refined Leather /
Refined Ore
9 – X Refined Leather + Demon Fragment /
Refined Ore + Demon Fragment


– You can buy consumable and ring here.
– Shop will restock every 20 days.
– Successful adventure also have chance to restock the shop.


School consist of 2 parts;

  • Skill
    You can upgrade your adventurer active skill, passive skill and tactic.Active Skill

    Skill Lvl Gold Cost Cumulative Book Pages Cumulative PP Cumulative School Lvl Req.
    1 to 2 2,500 2,500 0 0 0 0 1
    2 to 3 5,000 7,500 0 0 0 0 1
    3 to 4 5,000 12,500 0 0 0 0 2
    4 to 5 10,000 22,500 0 0 0 0 2
    5 to 6 15,000 37,500 0 0 0 0 2
    6 to 7 12,000 49,500 5 5 10,000 10,000 3
    7 to 8 24,000 73,500 10 15 20,000 30,000 3
    8 to 9 36,000 109,500 15 25 30,000 60,000 3


    Skill Lvl Gold Cost Cumulative Book Pages Cumulative PP Cumulative School Lvl Req.
    1 to 2 3,000 3,000 0 0 0 0 2
    2 to 3 15,000 18,000 25 25 20,000 20,000 3
  • Create Scroll
    Scroll Cost Book Pages 50
    Demon Fragment 20
    Infused Powder 20
    Crystal of the Wooden Forest 1
    Ink of the Mist Forest 1
    Ice of the Snow Mountain 1
    Seal of the Buried Temple 1
    Stone of the Hellish Path 1
    Leaf of the Imperial Mausoleum 1
    Sands of the Northern Territory 1


Furnace consist of 5 parts;

  • Combine
    – Combine 3 identical item to upgrade their rarity.
    – Level 1 can upgrade epic to legendary.
    – Level 2 can upgrade legendary to ancient.
  • Enchant
    – Add extra property to equipment.
    – Add 1 for ancient rarity equipment.
    – Add 2 for star rarity equipment.
  • Reforge
    – Re-roll existing property.
  • Decompose
    – Decompose equipment for material.

    Equipment Level 8 and above Demon Fragment
    Gem Level 7 and above Infused Powder
  • Transfer
    – Transfer special effect from one equipment to another.

Pier (Build Exploration Boat)

Ship Material Table

Ship Level Material
1 Gold 50,000
Practice Points 50,000
Hide 1,000
Ore 1,000
2 Gold 100,000
Practice Points 100,000
Refined Leather 2,000
Refined Ore 2,000
3 Practice Points 200,000
Refined Leather 3,500
Refined Ore 3,500
Book Pages 100
Demon Fragment 10


There are 2 types of event.

Player Toggle Event

Event that toggled by player in Event tab.

Resident Trigger Event

Event that toggled by fill up resident happiness bar by holding Player Toggle Event. (Green bar above resident avatar)

Event Table

Event Toggle Resident Effect
Battle Enhancement: Tiger’s Roar General when dealing damage, 10% chance to reducing target ‘hit rate’ and ‘dodge rate’ by 10% for 3 seconds
Battle Enhancement: Spiritual Heart Retired Governor 30% chance of receiving 50% damage and turn remaining damage into damage-over-time for 3 seconds
Battle Enhancement: Dodge Heal Knight when dodged, recover 8% health

We hope this guide on tips and strategies for Dragon Cliff was of some use to you. If it did help you, mention it in the comments below.

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