How to Catch Bugs, Butterflies, and Frogs in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Welcome to the enchanting world of Hello Kitty Island Adventure, where you can explore a vibrant island teeming with adorable critters and charming landscapes.

Part of the joy in this cozy game is discovering and catching various bugs, butterflies, and frogs that inhabit the island.

If you’re eager to start your critter-catching journey, read on as we explore the steps to obtain a Bug Net and how to capture these delightful creatures successfully.

How To Catch Bugs & Critters in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Getting Started: Crafting the Bug Net

At the outset of the game, you won’t have the ability to catch critters right away. However, once you’ve completed the “Open the Nature Preserve” quest and chatted with Badtz-Maru, you’ll unlock the Bug Net feature. To initiate this quest, you must first reach level 2 friendship with Keroppi, a friendly character in the island’s Spooky Swamp area.

After starting the quest, speak to Badtz-Maru, who will present you with the Crafting Plans for the Bug Net. To create the net, you’ll need to gather the following materials:

  1. 10 Sticks (found around the island): Stroll through the scenic surroundings, and you’ll discover sticks scattered throughout the island’s landscapes.
  2. 1 Light Stone (gift from Kuromi): Kuromi, another character in the game, will graciously present you with the Light Stone required for crafting the Bug Net.
  3. 3 Threads (gift from Tuxedosam): Tuxedosam will also offer you the necessary Threads to complete your Bug Net.

Crafting the Bug Net:

With all the materials in hand, head to Chococat and find the Crafting Table. Follow the instructions to assemble your Bug Net, opening up a world of critter-catching possibilities on Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

The Thrill of Catching Critters:

Once equipped with the Bug Net, you can set off on a delightful adventure to capture the diverse array of bugs, butterflies, and frogs inhabiting the island. Each critter is unique, and some may be more challenging to catch. However, the process is simple: approach the animal you wish to acquire and quickly tap the net icon to capture it.

A word of caution: when attempting to catch critters, watch for a red exclamation mark above them. This indicates that they’ve spotted you, and if you don’t act swiftly, they will flee and disappear before you have a chance to capture them. So, be quick on your feet to secure these elusive creatures!

Building Your Hello Kitty Island Adventure Nature Preserve:

As you explore the island and diligently catch critters, your Nature Preserve will soon become a bustling haven for many amazing creatures.

Watch in awe as your collection grows, featuring various bugs with vibrant colors, graceful butterflies fluttering gracefully, and adorable frogs hopping happily in their new home.


Hello Kitty Island Adventure offers a heartwarming and captivating gaming experience, especially for nature enthusiasts and critter lovers. With the Bug Net in hand and determination in your heart, embark on a journey of exploration and discovery.

Catch bugs, butterflies, frogs, and other charming critters to create your own Nature Preserve, where you can cherish these enchanting creatures for endless joy and serenity on this delightful island. Happy critter-catching!

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