Ragnarok Origin: How To Get Frozen Dried Blueberries

In the vast and captivating world of Ragnarok Origin, players are offered numerous companions, be it mounts or pets, to accompany them on their adventures.

These loyal companions serve as means of swift transportation and can be nourished with delectable snacks to enhance their attributes. One such coveted treat is the Frozen Dried Blueberry, known for boosting Job Mounts’ courage and elevating player characters’ stats.

In this guide, we will delve into the realm of Ragnarok Origin, exploring the elusive quest for Frozen Dried Blueberries and how they can be utilized to empower your loyal steeds.

Guide For the Elusive Frozen Dried Blueberries in Ragnarok Origin

The Enigmatic Job Mounts

Job Mounts stand out as a unique breed among the remarkable array of mounts available in Ragnarok Origin. These particular companions possess distinct attributes, capable of bolstering the stats of the characters riding them.

Just as players can enhance their capabilities through gear and experience, Job Mounts can also be nurtured and strengthened by consuming certain foods and snacks.

Each food item bestows a specific attribute boost, and wise mount owners must carefully choose the treats to feed their loyal companions for optimal results.

The Allure of Frozen Dried Blueberries

Among the myriad snacks Job Mounts relish, the Frozen Dried Blueberries hold a significant allure. These delightful frozen fruits infuse mounts with courage upon consumption, instilling them with heightened bravery and strength.

Observant players may have stumbled upon mentioning Frozen Dried Blueberries while perusing the Job Mount feeding screen, piquing their curiosity about acquiring these delectable delicacies.

The Quest for Frozen Dried Blueberries

Sadly, the journey to obtain Frozen Dried Blueberries remains in mystery, as they are yet to be released in the global version of Ragnarok Origin. Although their appearance on the Job indicates the tantalizing prospect of these fruits gracing the realm

Mount feeding screens, their actual availability remains elusive. As dedicated players eagerly await their arrival, they can indulge in feeding their Job Mounts with other delectable goodies, progressively enhancing their attributes in preparation for the eventual debut of Frozen Dried Blueberries.

The Promise of a Bountiful Future

While Frozen Dried Blueberries may elude us for now, their impending introduction holds the promise of exciting prospects in Ragnarok Origin.

As the game continues to evolve and expand, players can anticipate forthcoming updates that bring new dimensions to the gameplay experience. Including Frozen Dried Blueberries offered a glimpse into the developers’ creative vision, presenting opportunities for enhanced mount customization and strengthened character progression.

In the Meantime…

While the quest for Frozen Dried Blueberries remains on hold, players need not be disheartened. Ragnarok Origin offers a wealth of exploration and adventure to be savored in the interim.

Engage in thrilling quests, conquer formidable challenges, and deepen the bonds with your existing mounts and pets.

As you patiently await the arrival of Frozen Dried Blueberries, focus on honing your skills and nurturing your current companions to forge a formidable presence in the realm.


Ragnarok Origin beckons adventurers into a captivating world filled with wonders and challenges. Among its many intriguing aspects, the enigmatic Frozen Dried Blueberries entice players with the promise of enhancing their Job Mounts’ courage and capabilities. While the fruits may currently elude us, the future holds boundless potential for exciting updates and expansions in this fantastical realm.

As we eagerly await the arrival of Frozen Dried Blueberries, let us relish the journey, making cherished memories and forging unbreakable bonds with our trusty companions along the way.

Embark on your epic quest, for the realm of Ragnarok Origin awaits, and the promise of Frozen Dried Blueberries lingers on the horizon, a beacon of hope and adventure.

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