Sands of Salzaar – Arcana Sorcery Complete Guide

Welcome to this Sands of Salzaar guide for a complete knowledge of Arcana Sorcery. We will see Arcana Sorcery’s trainer locations, requirements, and study costs as we read along.

Sands of Salzaar – Arcana Sorcery Complete Guide

This is the main guide for Sands of Salzaars’ Arcana Sorcery. Each section will contain the arcana sorcery name, the training location for the sorcery, the requirements, and the study costs as well.

Fire Arcana

  • Trainer location – Redstone Keep.
  • Cost: 100 Jade.
  • Requirement: Clear Pahoehoe Lava Void in Redstone Valley

Ice Arcana

  • Trainer location – Frost Valley.
  • Cost: 100 Jade.
  • Requirement: Clear Zagros Giant Formation within the Zagros Mountains

Thunder Arcana

  • Trainer location – Triptych Rock.
  • Cost: 100 Jade.
  • Requirement: Clear Leviathan Bone Caves (or Bone Caves) in Twinluna Valley

Light Arcana

  • Light Arcana – Halfmoon Hills.
  • Cost: 100 Jade.
  • Requirement: Clear Arbor Palace in Umbra Cliffs.

Dark Arcana

  • Trainer location – Nagukka.
  • Cost: Legendary equipment above level 12.
  • Requirement: None.

Alchemy Arcana

  • Trainer location – Camel Bell Bazzar.
  • Cost: Legendary equipment above level 12.
  • Requirement: None.

About Sands of Salzaar

The tale is about a land. Rival tribes fought for control of the desert after the Old Empire fell. They don’t know that the shadows grow with each passing day. There is a strategy-action game set in a desert.

You must build up and manage your forces from a single unit to a mighty army. Tailor your hero with a wide variety of skills and talents, choose which factions to side with, and plan your strategies carefully to establish yourself as who you want to be – a lone wolf, a wealthy trader, or a war scheme.

Explore a Dynamic Open World
Roam across a giant map to encounter various characters, take on quests, enter deadly dungeons for boss fights and loot, amass gold from trading and build up your own cities…Every playthrough makes you stronger and offers new adventures that reflect the decisions you make.

Alliance or Hostility?
Declare war, or make peace and team up with rival factions utilizing diplomacy tactics. V1.0 introduces more diversity to social relationships and tribal affairs across the land, adding AI rebellions, tribal titles and a new Favor system between NPCs.

What’s More in 1.0 Launch
Discover the free-to-explore Sandbox mode, brand-new UI experiences, reworkings of character skills and arms units across the board, more dynamic social relations and Tavern Brawling, magical jewel packs, additional side quests and more!

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