Soaring Through Palia: A Guide to Obtaining the Glider

In the enchanting world of Palia, mobility is key to your adventure’s success. While traversing the vast landscapes on foot might provide a sense of immersion, it can be time-consuming and lead to hefty fast travel expenses.

Enter the Glider – a game-changing tool that grants you the freedom to traverse the realm swiftly and elegantly. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of obtaining the Glider in Palia, ensuring you can soar through the skies with ease.

How To Get the Glider in Palia

Why the Glider Matters

The Glider is a game-changer in Palia, enhancing your mobility and reducing your reliance on expensive fast travel options. By obtaining this tool, you’re not only enhancing your gameplay but also ensuring a smoother exploration experience. This guide is particularly helpful for players looking to acquire the Glider early on in the game to make the most of their adventures.

Obtaining the Glider: The Like a Bird Quest

To get your hands on the coveted Glider in Palia, you’ll need to complete the “Like a Bird” quest. This quest can be obtained from an NPC named Najuma, who can be found in the Bahari Bay area. Najuma will assign you the task of collecting the necessary materials to craft the Glider. These materials include:

  1. Sapwood Planks (3)
  2. Fabric (2)
  3. Leather (5)

Collecting the Materials: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Sapwood Planks (3): To acquire Sapwood Planks, you’ll need to process wooden logs. These logs can be obtained by cutting down trees. Once you have the logs, head to the Basic Sawmill building and process them to obtain the desired Sapwood Planks.
  2. Fabric (2): To create Fabric, you’ll need to set up and utilize the Loom machine. Begin by crafting and placing the Loom in your housing area. Next, purchase Cotton seeds from Zeki and plant them within your housing area. Allow them to grow, then use the harvested Cotton to craft Fabric using the Loom.
  3. Leather (5): Leather is another material crafted using the Loom machine. However, instead of Cotton, you’ll need Sernuk Hide. Obtain Sernuk Hide by defeating Sernuk creatures in the game. Once you’ve gathered enough Sernuk Hide, head to the Loom and craft the Leather you need.

Completing the Quest and Crafting the Glider

After collecting all the required materials – Sapwood Planks, Fabric, and Leather – return to Najuma in Bahari Bay. Hand over the materials to complete the “Like a Bird” quest and receive your well-earned Glider.

The Glider will undoubtedly revolutionize your gameplay experience, allowing you to traverse the breathtaking world of Palia with newfound freedom and speed.

Additional Tip: Finding Najuma

If you’re having trouble locating Najuma in Bahari Bay or any other area, it’s advised to first complete the “Ancient Battery” quest. This might unlock the necessary progression to access the “Like a Bird” quest from Najuma.


Congratulations! You’re now equipped with the knowledge to acquire the Glider in Palia. This invaluable tool will undoubtedly transform your exploration experience, enabling you to traverse the game map swiftly and stylishly.

By following our step-by-step guide, you can efficiently collect the required materials, complete the quest, and craft your very own Glider. So spread your wings, adventurer, and take to the skies in Palia – a world waiting to be explored like never before!

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