Virtual Families 3 – How To Get Shovel and Dig

There are certain functions and actions in Virtual Families 3 that require you to unlock it to get started. For that, you may require certain tools to begin the process.

One such action in Virtual Families 3 is digging, which requires a shovel. In this guide, we will see the process of getting or unlocking the shovel and how you can dig in Virtual Families 3.

Virtual Families 3 – How To Get Shovel and Dig

In order to get a shovel in Virtual Families 3, you must first obtain the Rockhound certificate. This certificate will allow you to perform the action of digging to get valuable resources. These can then be sold to earn money.

The Rockhound certificate is available for purchase in the flea market, which appears every seven hours. The price of the certificate varies, but it is typically around 1,500 coins.

Once you have purchased the Rockhound certificate, you will be able to dig for minerals in any area of your yard that has a brown patch. When you click on a brown patch, your family member will retrieve a shovel and begin digging.

After a few seconds, your family member will uncover a mineral. The type of mineral that is uncovered will depend on the location of the brown patch. For example, brown patches near the house are more likely to contain common minerals, while brown patches further away from the house are more likely to contain rare minerals.

These farmed resources, like Minerals, can then be sold to earn money. To do this, simply click on the mineral and select the “Sell” option. You will receive a number of coins, depending on the rarity of the mineral.

If you are unable to find any brown patches in your yard, you can try expanding your yard. To do this, click on the “Expand Yard” button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Expanding your yard will cost money, but it will also increase the chances of finding brown patches.

Keep in mind that digging for minerals is a slow process. It takes several minutes for your family member to uncover a single mineral. However, the rewards can be great, especially if you are able to find rare minerals.

Here are some additional tips for digging for minerals in Virtual Families 3:

  • The larger your yard, the more brown patches you will have to dig.
  • The further away from the house a brown patch is, the more likely it is to contain rare minerals.
  • You can increase your chances of finding rare minerals by using the “Fertilize Yard” option.
  • You can also increase your chances of finding rare minerals by upgrading your house.

I hope this guide has been helpful. Happy digging!

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