Attack Hole Mobile Game | Beginner Tips, Tricks And Strategies

Attack Hole has taken the gaming world by storm, captivating players on both iOS and Android platforms with its unique concept of controlling a sentient hole.

The game challenges you to eat ammunition and defeat bosses, all while unlocking exciting new stages, weapons, and skins.

In this guide, we’ll share some valuable tips and cheats to help you conquer Attack Hole like a pro!

Mastering Attack Hole: Tips and Tricks for Dominating the Game

1. Start Small, Grow Big

In the initial stages, focus on consuming smaller munitions. As your hole grows in size, you’ll find it easier to devour larger ammunition. Trying to eat big munitions too soon may slow you down or even prove impossible.

2. Make the Most of Boss Battles

Boss battles are crucial for earning coins, which fuel your progress in the game. Expect to lose against the boss a few times before you achieve victory.

After each successful boss defeat, you’ll earn coins that you can multiply by watching advertisement videos. Alternatively, you can skip the video and claim the earned coins outright.

3. Strategic Upgrades

Invest your hard-earned coins wisely in upgrades to enhance your gameplay:

  • Timer Upgrade: Extend your playtime in each level, giving you more opportunities to gather ammunition and defeat bosses effectively.
  • Size Upgrade: Begin with a larger hole size, allowing you to devour munitions more efficiently.
  • Power Upgrade: Amplify your attack power, dealing more damage per shot and increasing your chances of defeating bosses swiftly.

4. Balancing Time and Power

If you prefer to prolong your level of experience rather than rushing to defeat the boss, consider skipping the power upgrade for a while. However, be aware that the game might eventually require you to invest in power upgrades to maintain the challenge.

5. Unlocking Skins

While skins are purely aesthetic and do not influence gameplay, they add a fun and personalized touch to your hole. You can unlock various skins through different means:

  • Play Time: Some skins can be earned by playing the game and achieving milestones.
  • Gems: Spend gems to unlock exclusive skins to make your hole stand out.
  • Advertisements: Watch advertisement videos to unlock certain skins and showcase your hole’s unique appearance.

6. Enhancing Munitions

Aside from cosmetic skins, you can also upgrade the individual munitions you collect during each level.

These upgrades not only change their appearance but also enhance attack power. You can acquire upgrades using two methods:

  • Gems: Use gems to purchase powerful munition upgrades, giving you an edge in battles.
  • Advertisements: Watch advertisement videos to access specific munition upgrades and bolster your arsenal.

7. Boss Battle Tactics

When facing off against a boss, remember that you don’t have to fire all your munitions before the boss reaches your hole.

Once the boss gets close enough, it will automatically fire its ammunition, eliminating the need for further action on your part.


With these expert tips and cheats, you’re now equipped to conquer Attack Hole like a seasoned pro.

Remember to strategize your upgrades, optimize your boss battles, and unlock exciting skins to personalize your gaming experience.

Now, it’s time to embrace the challenge and dive into the world of Attack Hole! Happy gaming!

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