Unlocking New Content in Vampire Survivors Tides of Foscari DLC

The Tides of Foscari DLC for Vampire Survivors introduces a variety of exciting additions, including eight fresh characters, 13 new weapons, and a captivating new map called Lake Foscari.

To access all these novelties, specific tasks must be completed to unlock them. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to unlock everything new in the Tides of Foscari DLC.

How To Unlock New Content In Vampire Survivors Tides Of Foscari DLC

New Map: Lake Foscari

Lake Foscari is an enchanting magical forest adorned with mushroom houses and mushroom enemies.

The map’s highlight is Lake Foscari, located in the top-right corner, which is interconnected with several flowing rivers throughout the level.

At the 25-minute mark on this map, the formidable stage boss, the Avatar of Gaea, appears. Defeating this boss will unlock the Hyper version of Lake Foscari.

There’s also a secondary version of the map known as Abyss Foscari, accessible by breaking the Seal of the Lake using Keitha, one of the new characters. To achieve this, evolve Keitha’s initial weapon, the Flash Arrow.

Unlocking New Characters

To begin unlocking the new characters, the first step is to find Eleanor in a coffin on the Lake Foscari map.

Eleanor’s location is marked as a “?” on the map, situated northwest of your starting position. Head north from the starting point, cross the river via a bridge to the north, and you’ll find Eleanor’s coffin without any obstructions.

Sammies are special caterpillar bug enemies that appear infrequently on the map. To locate them in abundance, head right from the spawn area until you reach the map’s edge.

Proceed upward to discover a forest maze, and its exit is at the top-left corner. From there, head up and right again to find a wall where the Sammies spawn continuously.

For the characters that require breaking seals, begin by breaking the Seal of the Lake with Keitha’s evolved Flash Arrow.

This will unlock the Abyss Foscari map. Then, on this map, use Maruto and the evolved version of Eskizzibur to break the Seal of the Abyss.

Furthermore, you must find the Seal of the Banished with Eleanor and SpellStrom. All these locations are marked with a “?” on the map if it’s already unlocked.

As for Rottin’Ghoul, you can encounter them in Abyss Foscari, and they spawn quite regularly, with approximately 2,000 of them defeated in a single 30-minute run.

Here’s a list of the new characters and how to unlock them:

  1. Eleanor – Find and open the coffin in Lake Foscari.
  2. Maruto Cuts – Unite SpellString, SpellStream, and SpellStrike.
  3. Keitha – Evolve the Eskizzibur.
  4. Sammy – Defeat a total of 6,000 Sammies.
  5. Luminaire Foscari – As Maruto, break the Seal of the Abyss.
  6. Genevieve Gruyère – With Eleanor, break the Seal of the Banished.
  7. Je-Ne-Viv – Defeat 100,000 enemies in a single run with Genevieve Gruyère.
  8. Rottin’Ghoul – Defeat a total of 6,000 Rotting Ghouls.

New Weapons and Evolutions

The Tides of Foscari DLC introduces 13 new weapons, five of which are evolutions of existing weapons. To unlock these weapons, you must play with the corresponding character that uses them as their starting weapon.

For example, Eleanor Uziron starts with SpellString, then gains SpellStream at level 10 and SpellStrike at level 20.

Here’s a list of the new weapons and how to unlock them:

  1. SpellString – Survive 15 minutes with Eleanor Uziron.
  2. SpellStream – Get SpellStream to level 6.
  3. SpellStrike – Get SpellStrike to level 6.
  4. Eskizzibur – Survive 15 minutes with Maruto Cuts.
  5. Flash Arrow – Survive 15 minutes with Keitha Muort.
  6. Prismatic Missile – Survive 15 minutes with Luminaire Foscari.
  7. Shadow Servant – Survive 15 minutes with Genevieve Gruyère.
  8. Party Popper – Can be bought from the Merchant after unlocking Rottin’Ghoul.

To evolve these weapons into their enhanced versions, you’ll need both the weapon and the required items at the maximum level.

At this point, whenever you pick up a chest dropped by an elite enemy, there’s a chance of obtaining the weapon evolution. The evolutions use old items or combinations of old items, as there are no new items added.

Here are the evolved versions of some weapons and how to get them:

  1. Legionnaire – Evolved Eskizzibur with max-level Armor.
  2. SpellStrom – Evolved from having SpellString, SpellStream, and SpellStrike at max level.
  3. Millionaire – Evolved from Flash Arrow with max-level Clover and Bracer.
  4. Luminaire – Evolved from Prismatic Missile with max-level Crown.
  5. Ophion – Evolved from Shadow Servant with max-level Skull O’Maniac.

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