Celeste – How To Speedrun (Advanced Movement Guide)

This guide will teach you how to do speedrun moves and do speedruns in Celeste. These tactics work fine even when you are new to the game and do not have much per-requisite about speedrunning in general.

Celeste – How To Speedrun (Advanced Movement Guide)

Movement Pre-requisites

Speedrun Movement
  • Dash Cancel – Do a dash forward, and immediately a jump. Gives you more hight
  • Hyper Dash – Do a dash down, and immediately a jump. Gives you more speed
  • Wave Dash – Jump up, do a dash forward and down, and immediately a jump. Gives you more control
  • Wall Bounce – Dash up right next to a wall and immediately jump once you get next to the wall.
  • Quick Climb – Repeatedly jump while climbing a wall, but you will lose more stamina while doing this.
  • Bunnyhop – Hold forward and JITTER CLICK jump (Just press it as fast as possible)
  • Hold down while falling to fall faster

How To Speedrun Prologue

As soon as you enter the movie, you should skip it. Granny, the old lady, is where B-hops will come in handy. If you want to maximize your speed, climb up every wall quickly. Be careful not to fall, b-hop across the bridge and skip the cutscenes. When you reach the bird cutscene, skip it and get to the map! 30 seconds is a good time to aim for.

Example of a Speedrun (Foresaken City)

  • Hyperdash/Dash Cancel your way to the second stage.
  • Dash Cancel to the spring, then dash through the gap. Quick Climb up to the next stage
  • Wall bounce off of the left wall onto the top left platform, then Hyperdash/Wavedash onto the final platform, then make your way to the next stage.
  • Again, wall-bounce of the left wall onto the top left platform, then wavedash/hyperdash into the air, then dash up into the opening into the next stage
  • Jump then dash right on the raised platform, then dash up and wall bounce and immediately hold right to get up to the next stage.
  • In the next stage immediately get onto the conveyor-belt platform, jump right onto the spring, get up to the next stage.
  • In this stage, you go to the right as soon as you spawn and wall bounce on the ledge above you, bounce off of the wall you jump into, then get onto the top left ledge. then you hyper dash to the green recharge thingy, then dash to the end of the level.
  • In this level proceed as normal until you get to the energy recharge thingy. wall bounce against the wall left of it then jump into it, then get to the end of the stage.
    get on the first conveyor belt then the next and use its momentum to get into the next stage asap

This is just an example of the different dynamics and advanced movement you can use to speedrun in this game. The post is a work in progress and we shall update it if we find out more!

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