Destiny 2 – How to Defeat Phry’zhia the Insatiable

During your journey through the terrains of Destiny 2, you will encounter different kinds of new enemies. Some of these enemies are strong and require some skill to defeat. One of these enemies is Phry’zhia the Insatiable. She has lots of health, and it only takes a little bit of skill to dispose of her. So let’s see how to do just that.

How to Beat Phry’zhia the Insatiable in Destiny 2

Although it may look intimidating, Phry’zhia the Insatiable is fairly easy to take down if you know where she lives and what weapons to use against her. Phry’zhia the Insatiable lives in the Dungeon Grasp of Avarice, and if you venture deep enough, you’ll encounter the ogre in all her glory.

Before you can meet with the Insatiable, you will have to collect Burdened by Riches charges, the scorch cannon, and the charging crystal. These mechanics can be found earlier in the dungeon, and you will need them to navigate the boss room.

To get to the back of the dungeon, cross the gap in the dungeon and run there. You will come across a Vandal with a cannon. The Vandal will get the cannon if he is killed. The rooms around the arena can be opened by using this.

You will have to get rid of the falling batteries before you can enter the chambers. To gain access to the next rooms, aim the cannon at the batteries and fire it. You can get your hands on the Burdened by Riches by killing all the opponents present there. If you want to replenish your super, you will need 10 of these. Continue onward after 25 stacks of Burdened by Riches are collected.

In front of the chamber is a crystal. Be careful with the amount of charge the crystal takes. You will hear a big ring if it is done. This is your signal to begin your attack. It’s possible to do on a Ward of Dawn or Well of Radiance. If you repeat the attack you will be able to take down Phry’zhia.

And that is all you need to know to beat or defeat Phry’zhia the Insatiable in Destiny 2!

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