Epic Seven Tier List – Ranking of All Characters

Epic Seven, developed by Super Creative Studios and published by Smilegate, offers a diverse roster of characters with unique abilities and playstyles.

To aid you in selecting the most effective heroes for your team, we’ve compiled a tier list, categorizing characters from the best to the least favorable options.

Tier List For Epic Seven Characters

In this vast collection of over 200 characters, having top-tier heroes is crucial for conquering formidable foes. To save you time and effort, we present the Epic Seven tier list, guiding you toward the most powerful characters.

The characters are divided into five tiers, each explained as follows:

S-Tier: These are the absolute best characters in the game, optimized for the current metagame.

A-Tier: Remarkable and highly useful characters, capable of excelling in various situations.

B-Tier: Good characters who can help balance your team if you lack top-tier options.

C-Tier: Not-so-bad characters, but it’s recommended to replace them with better ones when possible.

D-Tier: Characters to be avoided unless for emergency situations or when a specific role needs to be filled.

Without further delay, here’s the updated Epic Seven tier list:

Tier List

S-Tier: Light, Queen Specimen Hurado, Celine, Moon Ludwig, Ruele Lots, Tenebria, Flan, Aramintha, Corvus, Dark Vildred, Pirate Martial Witch Tenebria, Sez, Auxiliary Coli, Ken, Iseria, Krau, Karin, Seaside Achates, Violet, Taeyou, Ervalen, Ken, Arbiter Celestial Fallen Artist Captain Specter Kayron, Briar Vildred, Little

A-Tier: General Desert Alencia, Sinful Tywin, Roana, Kise, Apocalypse Crimson Basar, Holiday Iseria, Angelica, Jewel Assassin Violet, Purrgis, Yufine, Ravi, Blade Rose, Challenger Ambitious Judith, Tywin, Aramintha, Vivian Lidica, Cidd,

B-Tier: Schuri, Mirsa, Fighter Champion Ram, Sect Valentine, Clarissa, Charlotte, Watcher Mort, Emilia, Researcher All-Rounder Lilibet, Silk, Crescent Leo, Angelic Dingo, Montmorancy, Adventurer Thief Bellona, Zerato, Ray Baal Diene, Elphelt Helga, Cecilia, Angelica, Maya, and Helga, Mercenary and Blaze Cartuja, Wanda, Yuna, Cerise, Axe, Cermia, Mui, Sezan, Righteous Baiken, Carrot, Dingo, Chloe, Elena, Sage Luna,

C-Tier: Tamarinne, Purrgis, Model Chaos Leo, Aither, Cartuja, Coli, Taranor Hazel, Corvus, Schuri, Eaton, Requiemroar, Charles, Kizuna Troublemaker Crozet, Surin, Guider Tempest Wanda

D-Tier: Camilla, Inquisitor, Mucacha, nott, Corps Hazel, Melany, Mascot Penelope, Rikoris, Lena, Butcher Lorina, Pearlhorizon, Nemunas, Carrot, Ains, Kluri Alexa, Azalea, Tieria, Gunther.

Remember, this list reflects the opinions of the author. While it ranks all characters from best to worst, feel free to choose the ones that suit your playstyle best.

By experimenting with different characters, you can discover your favorites and become a master of each hero in Epic Seven.

Keep in mind that we’ll update this tier list whenever new characters are introduced, so be sure to bookmark this page for future reference. Happy gaming!

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