Unlocking All Hidden Achievements in People Playground: A Comprehensive Guide

People Playground features a total of 17 achievements on Steam, with four of them being concealed. These hidden achievements pose the greatest challenge for players, requiring specific actions, machine construction, or fulfilling secret objectives.

This guide aims to provide you with all the necessary information on how to unlock these elusive achievements in People Playground.

Unlocking Hidden Achievement #1 – “Pacifist”

Among the four hidden achievements, “Pacifist” is considered the easiest to obtain. To acquire this achievement, simply start a new map and refrain from causing harm to any ragdolls for a continuous hour. One simple approach is to initiate the game and engage in other activities while the timer counts down.

Unlocking Hidden Achievement #2 – “Uncharted Territory”

The “Uncharted Territory” achievement necessitates the construction of an intricate machine to access a secret map. This can be accomplished on any map, preferably a large one. The following components are required:

  • Miscellaneous: I-Beam, Small I-Beam x 2
  • Machinery: Immobility Field x 4, Generator x 2, Tesla Coil x 2

To facilitate construction, pause the game. Place the I-Beam on the ground’s center and position the two Small I-Beams above ground level on either side. Use Fixed Cables to keep the components suspended without freezing any parts, as it may cause malfunctions.

Next, place the two Generators adjacent to the Small I-Beams, followed by positioning the two Tesla Coils in front of the Generators. Arrange the Immobility Fields on both sides, two above and two below the Tesla Coils, ensuring structural support through Fixed Cables. The completed machine should resemble the provided diagram.

Activate the three main components on both sides: the Generators, Tesla Coils, and Immobility Fields. If properly set up, an energy surge will start building between the Tesla Coils. After a few moments, the energy will unleash, resulting in the emergence of a new portal leading to the secret map.

Note that the placement of Tesla Coils is crucial, so if your configuration fails, attempt repositioning them until successful, while ensuring no frozen components are present.

Unlocking Hidden Achievement #3 – “Faraday Malfunction”

Commence a new game on the Tower map and locate the tower section indicated by the arrow. In that specific area, spawn a Jukebox without activating it. Then, spawn a Metal Pole and attach it to the top of the Jukebox using Fixed Cables. Pausing the game may aid in this process.

Finally, connect a Wire from the Jukebox to the Metal Pole and resume the game. If positioned correctly, the Jukebox will emit peculiar static beeping sounds, earning you the achievement.

Unlocking Hidden Achievement #4 – “Inverse Teleportation”

For the “Inverse Teleportation” achievement, any map featuring a solid floor, such as the default map, will suffice. Similar to “Uncharted Territory,” this achievement demands the construction of a complex machine. The following components are required:

  • Miscellaneous: Mirror x 3
  • Machinery: Laser Pointer, Rotor, Dampening Box

The objective is to project a laser into the ground, utilizing three mirrors and a spinning rotor. As before, ensure no parts are frozen and employ Fixed Cables to maintain stability. Connect a regular Wire from the Dampening Box to the Laser Pointer.

Right-click the lower part of the Rotor and select “Set Rotor Speed.” Adjust the speed to -8000, then resume the game and activate the Rotor. The goal is to enable the Dampening Box to spin freely around the Rotor. If the Dampening Box becomes stuck during rotation, adjust the cable lengths accordingly.

If the setup is correct, the laser will generate an energy vortex on the ground. After a few seconds, a colossal revolver will suddenly materialize, granting you the achievement. Congratulations on successfully acquiring all the hidden achievements in People Playground!

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