Eternium Tips, Tricks, WIKI, and Strategy Guide

Eternium is an Action RPG Mobile Game made by Making Fun. Eternium is a different game from Action RPGs with its “tap to move” and “swipe to cast” controls. The game is a player-friendly one with the simple concept of “no paywalls, never pay to win”. With the exception of a couple of online-only features, the game can also be played offline after the content download completion.

The game can indeed be played for free, and the majority of players play it that way. Purchases are completely optional. Gems, the game’s main currency, can be collected from enemies and quests. There is no limiting stamina or energy. The best collectibles and Items can be obtained by just playing the game, and not by simply paying for it.

WIKI, Tips, Tricks, And Strategy Guide for Eternium

How To Upgrade Abilities

The Elder Sage, Alarion teaches you a lot from the beginning of the game. One of the key things that you should learn from him is Upgrading abilities. This helps you in clearing stages and bosses quickly if you do it correctly. To Upgrade Abilities, Open your inventory > Access Your Abilities > Start Upgrading Any Ability.

The Inventory is located at the bottom left of the screen. Then at the middle right of the screen click the hand icon to see the abilities. Now simply drag the ability from there to the center of the left side. you can speed up the upgrade with Gems. I mostly wait for them to complete unless I am in a hurry to progress.

How To Upgrade Abilities
Credits: [Taken in-game]
How To Upgrade Abilities 2
Credits: [Taken in-game]

How To Obtain Marcus [Marcus’ Village]

Marcus is a Side Companion to your character which will make the overall character stronger. There are certain objectives you need to do to get/unlock Marcus. First, you need to go to Marcus’ Village > Then you need to find and locate him > Lastly, recruit Marcus as your companion. As a reward for completion, you get 10 gems, 500 Gold, and 1000 XP. Here is the Map Location for Marcus:

Marcus can be found in this level, where you can save him from Ragadam’s undead in the northern tower (also known as Black Tower). It is one of Elderath’s local towns that has survived apocalyptic minions. This level is often farmed for the Murloks in the South West and East corridors to complete the Murlok Daily Quest. If you start the level with Marcus already in your party, you will be treated to some dialogue. It is the level, where you also save Marcus, and take him to your companion team as I mentioned earlier. There are certain collectibles you can find here. They are:

  • 2 Small Chests
  • 1 Medium Chest
  • 1 Large Chest
  • 2 Locked Chests

How To Get Other Companions in Eternium

Norgim The Warrior [Tank]

Norgim is classified as a tank due to the large HP pool. You can purchase Norgim from the store for 500 Gem. Both Norgim and Marcus share the same stats since they belong to the same category. These are:

  • Active – Charge | level 1
  • Passive – Endurance | level 5
  • Auto-casting – Thunder Clap | level 10
  • Auto-casting – Defeating Shout | level 15
  • Aura – Armor Aura | level 20.

Eileen and Maggie The Potioncaster [healers]

Eileen can be found at level 9 in Anderra. Maggie The Potioncaster can be bought from the store at the cost of 500 Gems. They are healers in the game, so their stats share more or less the same types. They are:

  • Active (Eileen) – Vortex level 1
  • Active (Maggie) – Silence field level 1
  • Auto-casting – Heal level 5
  • Auto-casting – Shield level 10
  • Aura – Regeneration Aura level 20

Robin and Endar The Headhunter [Ranger]

Robin and Endar The Headhunter are the two rangers in the game. These characters will help you from a distance using their arrows. Their movement range is limited but they make up for it with decent ranged support and abilities. You can unlock Robin at Level 16 in the Broken Dragon. Endar The Headhunter can be bought from the store for 500 Gems. Since they both are rangers, they share the same stats. They are as follows:

  • Active – Multishot level 1
  • Auto-casting – Exploding Shots level 5
  • Passive – Life Steal level 10
  • Auto-casting – Disengage level 15
  • Aura – Haste Aura level 20

Xagan the Blue Wizard [Mage]

Mage (s) support you with basic magic attacks and provide you a special aura that gives you decent buffs. These buffs are equal to the level of the mage itself so take note of that. The only mage here is Xagan the Blue Wizard. The stats are:

  • Attack – Frost Missle level 1
  • Active – Chain Shock level 1
  • Auto-casting – Arcane blast level 10
  • Aura – Spell Haste Aura level 20

Best Mage Build for Eternium [Updated]

Best Mage Build for Eternium [Updated]
Best Mage Build for Eternium [Updated] 2

My personal favorite playstyle would be using Mage. Hence I would like to suggest a possible best build and strategy play as a Mage in the game. The first and foremost ability that a mage should always have is Time Warp. Along with this, I tend to use blink, Paradox, and Singularity. To keep the enemies away from you, use Singularity and blink since they work well as distraction tools. Use Singularity to pull enemies and away from yourself to offer better crowd control.

Ideally, use stacking effects to build the damage and use Arcane Bolts to do massive damage and slay them. The two sets I would suggest here is Reglia and Arcanist. Reglia is good to reduce cooldowns and amps up the fire and frost elements of the mage. Arcanist on the other hand grants a 100% damage boost to Arcane Bolts which is a good increment.

These are some of the basic concepts of Eternium To get you on your way. We will be uploading more content so stay posted with us. That would be all from this guide of the game. Leave your requests, queries, and suggestions down in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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