How to Acquire Elite Wild Cards in Clash Royale

The competitive meta has undergone a complete transformation with the introduction of Card Evolution, level 15 cards, and other exciting changes in Clash Royale’s June 2023 update.

Clash Royale players are now well-acquainted with Card Evolutions and how they operate, thanks to the events and challenges organized by Supercell.

However, a knowledge gap exists regarding level 15 cards and the elusive elite wild cards necessary to unlock them. This guide aims to provide an in-depth strategy for acquiring elite wild cards in Clash Royale.

Understanding Elite Wild Cards and Their Acquisition

Elite wild cards represent a new magical item introduced to Clash Royale alongside the June 2023 update. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to obtain level 15 cards directly through gold, we regret to inform you that it’s impossible. Instead, players must accumulate an astonishing 50,000 elite wild cards.

Once a card reaches level 14, additional copies will be automatically transformed into an elite wild card. Obtaining these elite wild cards is relatively straightforward, but amassing 50,000 copies of a single card will undoubtedly require considerable time for most players. However, this time-consuming process is intentional, as it is meant to be an end-goal feature.

Effective Methods for Obtaining Elite Wild Cards

Now, let’s delve into the various methods you can employ to obtain these coveted elite wild cards in Clash Royale.

Extra Card Copies

The most straightforward approach to acquiring elite wild cards is collecting extra card copies. Since any surplus cards are converted into elite wild cards once the card reaches level 14, accumulating additional copies becomes the simplest and most effective way to farm elite wild cards.

You can obtain extra cards by opening chests or purchasing them from the in-game shop, allowing you to accumulate elite wild cards gradually. It’s essential to keep in mind the conversion rates for different card rarities:

  • 1 Common Card: 2 Elite Wild Cards
  • 1 Rare Card: 10 Elite Wild Cards
  • 1 Epic Card: 50 Elite Wild Cards
  • 1 Legendary Card: 200 Elite Wild Cards

Magic Item Conversion

In addition to extra card copies, you can convert magic items into elite wild cards. This provides an alternative avenue for obtaining elite wild cards. Below are the conversion rates for each type of magic item:

  • Common Wild Card: 1 Elite Wild Card
  • Rare Wild Card: 5 Elite Wild Cards
  • Epic Wild Card: 20 Elite Wild Cards
  • Legendary Wild Card: 1,500 Elite Wild Cards
  • Champion Wild Card: 4,000 Elite Wild Cards
  • Book of Cards: 5,000 Elite Wild Cards

Current Limitations and Future Prospects

It’s important to note that there are only two ways to obtain unique wild cards in Clash Royale, and Supercell has set a limit of 400,000 of these unique cards per account. While the desire to utilize level 15 cards is undoubtedly strong, acquiring the substantial number of wild cards needed to reach the 50,000 mark will undoubtedly take significant time and effort.

In conclusion, acquiring elite wild cards in Clash Royale is gradual and time-consuming. By collecting extra card copies and converting magic items, players can gradually work towards unlocking level 15 cards.

While it may require patience and dedication, the reward of utilizing these powerful cards in your gameplay will make the journey worthwhile.

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