FC 24 | Andre Silva RTTK SBC Cheapest Solution/Stats

FC 24 | Andre Silva RTTK SBC Cheapest Solution/Stats – Electronic Arts Sports (EA Sports) has once again sent shockwaves through the FIFA gaming community with the release of the Andre Silva RTTK (Road to the Knockout Stage) SBC (Squad Building Challenge).

For avid FIFA players, this new promo card is nothing short of amazing despite its slightly lacking pace. Andre Silva, who recently transferred to Real Sociedad, brings a robust shooting ability that can transform your squad. If you’re in need of a Target Man type of Striker for your Hybrid team, completing this SBC is a no-brainer.

FC 24 | Andre Silva RTTK SBC Cheapest Solution/Stats

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dissect the requirements for each squad and explore the most economical ways to build them, ensuring you can unlock this formidable player without breaking the bank.

Squad 1: Real Sociedad


  1. At least 1 player from Real Sociedad in the squad.
  2. Overall squad rating of 82 or higher.

Squad 2: Portugal


  1. At least 1 player from Portugal in the squad.
  2. Overall squad rating of 83 or higher.

Squad 3: La Liga


  1. At least 1 player from La Liga in the squad.
  2. Minimum 1 player rated 87 or higher.
  3. Overall squad rating of 84 or higher.

Cost Breakdown

To put things into perspective, let’s break down the cost of this SBC across different gaming platforms:

  • Consoles: 36,900 coins
  • PC: 37,700 coins

Considering the potential for card upgrades in the future, this cost might be justifiable for those seeking a long-term investment in their team. However, if you’re contemplating this SBC solely based on the expectation of an upgrade, it might be wise to conserve your valuable resources.

Playstyle Consideration

It’s crucial to factor in your playstyle before integrating Andre Silva into your squad. Slower strikers like Silva excel when utilized as Target Men, capitalizing on their exceptional shooting abilities.

While they may lack in speed, their precision can turn the tide of a match in your favor. Evaluate your gameplay and ensure Silva aligns with your tactical approach before committing to the SBC.

Optimizing Your Resources

One strategy to optimize this SBC is to utilize untradeable cards in your club. These cards, often acquired through packs or previous SBCs, can significantly reduce the overall cost of completing the challenge.

If you find yourself lacking fodder, consider purchasing the squads outlined in the pictures above. These meticulously curated squads represent the most cost-effective options available in the market, allowing you to complete the SBC efficiently.


In conclusion, the Andre Silva RTTK SBC is a fantastic opportunity to enhance your squad with a skilled Target Man. By following this guide and being mindful of your playstyle, you can complete the challenge at the most economical price point.

Whether you’re a seasoned FIFA player or a newcomer to the game, adding Andre Silva to your roster could be the game-changing move you need to dominate the pitch. Good luck, and may your FIFA journey be filled with victories!

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