Adopt Me! – How To Obtain Campfire Cookies and Their Rewards

Uplift Games has introduced exciting changes to their popular Roblox pet simulator, Adopt Me!, with the Fire Dimension update. This update brings the Sky Castle down to land, unveiling a portal to the Fire Dimension. You can explore, collect rare items in this new region, and encounter never-before-seen pets.

To acquire these magnificent creatures, you’ll need Campfire Cookies, which can be obtained through specific methods. Like Claw Tokens in Pet Simulator X, Campfire Cookies can yield various rewards during the Fire Dimension event. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to obtain Campfire Cookies and the rewards they offer.

How To Obtain Campfire Cookies And Their Rewards In Adopt Me!

Exploring the Fire Dimension

After the unexpected fall of the Sky Castle onto land, previously undiscovered creatures have emerged. These creatures now roam the world freely, and at the end of the castle, you’ll find a mysterious portal leading to the lava-filled Fire Dimension.

Upon entering this new region, Tims’ll guide you, in-game NPCs all named Tim, who will provide instructions on gathering ingredients to create Campfire Cookies. These cookies are essential for attracting Ash Zebras, exclusive animals in the Fire Dimension, who will reward you with various items.

Starting September 14, Campfire Cookies can be freely used from your inventory, marking the end of the live event that began on September 9.

While they remain in the game permanently, there’s a twist to their in-game mechanics, making the rewards more exciting.

Acquiring Campfire Cookies

In Adopt Me!, there are two ways to obtain Campfire Cookies, with the second method becoming obsolete after the Fire Dimension event:

Starting from September 14 Onwards:

Purchase a Lure furniture to place in your home, which includes:

  • Box Lure (Costs 750 Bucks)
    • Allows one Bait placement (Campfire Cookies, etc.) at a time.
  • Cozy Home Lure (Costs 1,200 Robux)
    • Allows placement of two Baits simultaneously.

Interact with the furniture to receive an unlimited supply of Campfire Cookies directly from your inventory or backpack.

Between September 9 and September 14 (Previous Method, Now Obsolete):

In the Fire Dimension, collect different ingredients to enable Tim to craft Campfire Cookies. The types of ingredients change every in-game day.

Once the required ingredients are gathered, Tim will combine them in his cauldron to create Campfire Cookies.

With the live event concluded, you can now access Campfire Cookies infinitely by purchasing and placing the Lure furniture in your home.

The Different Rewards

The mechanics of Campfire Cookies have changed since September 14.

During the live event, you needed to craft and use them to summon an Ash Zebra, which would then reward you with various items, including:

  • 30 Bucks (70% chance)
  • Molten Melon (25% chance)
  • Toy/Pet Item (5% chance)
    • Volcano Hat
    • Magma Throwing Disc
    • Flame Balloon

Using Campfire Cookies for the fifth time unlocked an Ash Zebra Bait (once per account), allowing you to adopt an Ash Zebra instantly.

Collecting six Molten Melons granted the Flaming Zebra Bait, leading to the special Flaming Zebra.

However, the rewards have changed since September 14, when Campfire Cookies became freely usable. When you place a set of Campfire Cookies inside a Lure, you’ll need to wait four real-time hours to receive one of the following:

  • A random amount of money between 10 Bucks and 10,000 Bucks (79% chance)
  • Age-Up Potion (12.5% chance)
  • Paint Sealer (2% chance)
  • Toy/Pet Item (5% chance)
    • Flame Crown
    • Flame Glasses
    • Flame Grappling Hook
    • Flame Pogo Stick
    • Magma Great Sword
    • Meteor Plush
  • Ultra-Rare Pet (1.49% chance)
    • Toasty Red Panda
    • Magma Snail
    • Magma Moose
  • Legendary Pet (0.01% chance)
    • Blazing Lion

If you have any unused Ash Zebra Bait or Flaming Zebra Bait in your backpack, you can place it in the Lure to receive a guaranteed Ash Zebra or Flaming Zebra after a thirty-minute wait.


Adopt Me! Players are undoubtedly excited about the latest additions in the Fire Dimension. If you have any thoughts or experiences to share, be sure to leave your comments below.

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