Genshin Impact | How To Complete Morion And The Sea Monster Quest

In Genshin Impact, Morion and the Sea Monster is an exciting part of the Three Days of Daiya’s Fantasy chain and a world quest known as Mirage Veluriyam. This quest involves defeating the sea monster’s minions by operating a cannon and uncovering hidden treasure by completing a preprint puzzle. If you’re facing challenges acquiring and completing this quest, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through every step of the process to ensure your success.

How To Finish Morion And The Sea Monster Quest In Genshin Impact

Initiating the Quest

How to Start the Quest: You must take on a series of missions to begin your adventure. These missions can be accessed by interacting with the information loudspeaker in the Theater of Dreamers. After this initial interaction, the required task will automatically appear in your journal.

You are heading to the Second Loudspeaker. Now, head southeast to the designated area where the second loudspeaker is. This is where you’ll receive the prologue of the quest, setting the stage for your adventure.

Defeating the Sea Monster Minions

Navigating the Cave: Follow the storyline into the cave. Once inside, disembark from your vehicle and position yourself behind the cannon nearby. A mini-game will commence, requiring you to eliminate six opponents—three in the front line and three in the back.

Using the Cannon: It’s important to note that the number of vertical tilts of the cannon corresponds to the relative position of each minion. Lift the gun once, then manipulate it left and right to dispatch the enemies in the front row. Repeat this process for the second row of opponents by tilting the cannon up again (or twice if necessary) and adjusting your aim accordingly.

Claiming the Treasure: After defeating the sea monster’s minions, claim the treasures from the rich chest and re-enter your vehicle. Continue moving forward without altering your course.

Finding the Hidden Treasure (Preprint Puzzle)

Traversing the Cave: Proceed through the cave until you stop. Exit your vehicle and reach the projector screen on the other side of the dungeon, eliminating various mobs along the way.

Interactive Stream Projector: When you reach the Stream Projector, interact with it to initiate the preprinted puzzle. This puzzle consists of multiple mini-games.

Mini-game 1: Avoiding Falling Debris: In the first mini-game, you must avoid falling debris thrown by other pirates. Pay attention to the red lines indicating the trajectory of the projectiles. Toward the end, debris will fall in diagonal lines.

Mini-game 2: Barrel Protection: The second mini-game is similar to the first but introduces barrels that can shield you from debris. In the first round, two barrels will be used to protect yourself from horizontal attacks from the right and left.

In subsequent rounds, more barrels will appear, and you’ll need to strategically use them to shield yourself from the increasingly complex attacks.

Completing the Puzzle: Completing all puzzle rounds will yield the preprint you need to progress.

Claiming the Treasure

Open the Rich Chest: After solving the puzzle, open the Rich Chest and then head back to the loudspeaker. Watch the new cutscene and prepare for the final phase.

Cannon Use and Treasure Discovery: Sit behind the nearby cannon, tilt it up twice, and fire it to breach the wall ahead. Move through the opening to find a cache of counterfeit coins. Enjoy the ensuing cutscene and proceed to open the precious chest at the treasured center, which contains the decorative item “Poster: Morion.”

Rewards and Conclusion

Completion and Rewards: Congratulations! You’ve completed the quest “Morion and the Sea Monster.” As a reward, you’ll receive 40 Primogems, 300 Adventure Points, 20,000 Pestilence, 4 Enchant Magic Ore, and 3 Hero Books. Don’t forget to complete two more quests in the chain if you haven’t already: “Saving the Sky City” and “Curse of Petrification.”

With this comprehensive guide, you should now have all the knowledge and strategies needed to conquer the challenges presented by Morion and the Sea Monster in Genshin Impact. Good luck with your adventure!

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