How To Complete Escape From The Shadows

“Escape From The Shadows” is a captivating mystery puzzle game developed by Dark Dome. If you’re a fan of thrilling games that keep you engaged from start to finish, this is a must-try. Available for download on the Play Store, “Escape From The Shadows” is part of Dark Dome’s series of gripping mysteries, including “Another Shadow,” “Haunted Laia,” “The Ghost Case,” “Nowhere House,” “Unwanted Experiment,” and “The Girl In The Window.” In this guide, we will provide you with valuable tips and insights to help you successfully complete this enthralling game.

Tips for Gameplay in “Escape From The Shadows”

In “Escape From The Shadows,” you have the ability to interact with objects by simply touching them. To navigate the game’s environment, tap on the arrows positioned on the left and right sides of your screen. If you need to ascend or descend stairs, tap on the staircase icon. When you want to use items from your inventory, select the desired item and tap the location on your screen where you intend to use it.

Some items can be combined within your inventory. To do this, choose the item in your inventory and place it on top of another item in your inventory. If you prefer an ad-free experience and additional adventures, a premium version of the game is available for your enjoyment.

Bastian’s Childhood Home

Your journey in “Escape From The Shadows” begins in Bastian’s abandoned childhood home. To succeed in this eerie environment, pay meticulous attention to every item and clue in each room. One notable feature of this game is that tapping on various objects does not result in penalties, a departure from many other games in the genre.

Here’s a tip: Start in one room, carefully observe all the clues, and then move on to the next. Your first significant clue awaits behind the initial photograph in the first room. When you tap on the photograph until it rotates, you’ll uncover a rusty key. Note that you must tap on the blue table first before accessing the closeup screen with the photographs, a pattern that applies to most clues in the game.

Once you complete this scene, Detective Larson will head to his station, where you’ll need to decipher a map leading to the cabin. Once the map is solved, you’ll find Bastian and Laia, both trapped in a dungeon.

The Dungeons

Navigating the complex dungeons can be bewildering, with numerous rooms and items to interact with. Head to the left twice to discover a room with a distinctive blue door. Inside, interact with the shadowy hands and input the sequence provided to set you on the right path.


Laia finds herself deep underground, seeking assistance to escape. Your first major clue here is the sugar cube on the table. Using it to feed the ant-eater will lead to the next critical clue.

The Cabin

Detective Larson locates the cabin, where you’ll encounter a puzzle board on the second lower floor, in the left room. Solving this puzzle will reward you with a red key and a knife.

Old Chapel

In the Old Chapel, your initial clues include a knife, a matchbox, and a pile of straw. These clues will prove instrumental in successfully navigating the chapel. To defeat the main shadow, you’ll need to act swiftly using the artifact. Fortunately, the game provides a second chance if you’re not quick enough.


“Escape From The Shadows” stands as one of the finest mystery puzzle games available today. It’s a must-play for gamers with a penchant for mystery and suspense. If you find yourself facing challenges, don’t hesitate to click on the hint icon for additional clues, following a brief ad.

We eagerly anticipate what Dark Dome has in store for future gaming adventures. Until then, immerse yourself in the enigmatic world of “Escape From The Shadows” and relish the mysteries that await.

Happy gaming!

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