Panilla Saga Beginners Guide, Tips, and WIKI

Panilla Saga’s retro-style animation is a blast from the past. Real-time and idle options allow you the freedom to play as you want, and daily rewards and battle bonuses keep you in the fight to save Panilla from the forces of darkness.

In this guide, I want to share my two cents on how to get started with the game as a beginner. These are by no means advanced guides so keep that in mind.

Panilla Saga Beginners Guide, Tips, and WIKI

Before we even get started with the game, you will notice the requirement to summon or reroll in the game. This is needed since you need to gather as many top-tier characters as possible.

Reroll Guide

After you start the game, you need to play through a certain tutorial until you get to Summoning. This is where you roll for 10 characters the first time. Next, do the following:

  • First Make sure you are signed in as a guest
  • Then play the game until you get to 10 x Summons
  • Roll for the characters you want.
  • Quit the game and clear the cache from the app or emulator.
  • Start the game as a guest again and re-roll for characters.

Keep doing this until you get the character (s) you want in the game.

Ranking Up Heroes

In order to rank up a Hero, go to Lineups > select the hero you want to level up > Click on Rank Up at the middleright of the screen.

Press on Quick Equip to quickly equip the items required to rank up a particular hero. Then simply use the Rank Up button to rank up the hero. Ranking up will help you increase power and the overall Stats for the hero.

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What are Star Up and Fragments?

As rewards from specific missions, you will fragment for each hero. You can use them to star them up. Do this from the Hero menu by clicking on the hero in your lineup > Go to Startup > Click Activate.

This will help you in increasing the stats like attack, HP, and others. This will significantly increase the power of the character and help you in progressing with the game as intended.

A small Guide To Gears

This option can be found inside the Hero Tab. It is located on the right side of the screen and is quite important.

To level up gears, click on the gear icon > Quick Equip. This usually is a quick way to get the required gear for your characters ready for battle. You can also manually select gears later on, but this is a good way to start off with the game.

What are Tasks?

In the home screen, you see a Tab called Tasks. These are basically your objectives and small tasks that reward you with a lot of goodies and XP. Some of the rewards of doing tasks are:

  • Green Universal Enhancer
  • Sweep Ticket
  • Stamina Meal to Increase Stamina
  • Gem
  • Friend Summon Ticket
  • XP
  • Troop Seal
  • Training Pills

What is Strengthen?

This is a tab used to increase the stats of a gear. Gear Enhancement will be unlocked after chapters 1-7, and it can be used to increase the combat attributed of a gear.

Each Gear can be strengthened to twice the level of the current level of a player. Once you get free materials to upgrade gears, go ahead and do it as soon as you can.

The Materials needed for gear enhancement can be found in the Adventure Tab and the Gear Tower Tab under Explore.

Skill Enhancement

If you head over to the Hero Tab, you will find skills for particular heroes. You can easily upgrade each skill for the heroes. This will help you increase the overall power of the heroes which will ultimately help you in progressing in the game.

Check Events For Free Rewards

Make sure to check the Events tab for free rewards. There are 7 tabs under events and some of them can give you free rewards from time to time. They are:

  • Lucky Spin
  • Lucky Raffle
  • Imperial Honour
  • Beginner Gifts
  • Consecutive Supporter
  • Daily Supporter
  • Supporter Rewards (monthly)

The lucky spins give you some free spins and rewards so give them a go and collect your freebies.

Basically check the tabs that are blinking or have a red marker over them. These are most likely to give you free rewards.

Some Tips for Lineups

Make sure you have a good combination of Supports, tanks, and DPS heroes. This will help you progress properly. As per rankings, SSR Heroes are better than SR, and so on.

I would recommend not rushing the game as you will get enough time to pull for decent heroes as you play along and progress. In Panilla Saga, rushing is not recommended due to how the game is paced.

Hero Cards and Upgrades

Core Heroes can be upgraded to legendary and non-cores can be upgraded up to epic rarity. These heroes are viable up to S Rank. I would recommend that you disregard any R-rated heroes since they are just there for fillers.

You can get Core Hero cards from the following:

  • Recruitment
  • Events
  • Gold Hero Card Summoning
  • Shop Exchange

You need at least 16 cards to help you progress a hero to the next level so do not discard Heroes up to level S or SR rank.

Some More Gameplay Tips

You can get a lot of resources to upgrade your heroes and artifacts by playing the Chessboard of Ages and Rubick’s Maze once every two days. The Elven Garden is also a daily must. You can get a lot of resources to improve your heroes and artifacts.

Spire of time is the only way to get the Runes. No Diamond consumption, but you need to keep your team strength up, and you need some skills to pass the level.

The higher your ranking in Commander War in Arena, the more Fighter Medals you get per hour. Medals can be used to exchange for Temple and Abyssal heroes and are the only way to get Temple and Abyssal heroes for free.

That is all the information I had to share for this Beginners Guide on Panilla Saga. For more such guides, make sure to stay posted with gamerunits!

Thanks for reading!

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