Top 3 Support Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Défense wins championships in Arena battles and Bounty hunts. If your team is lacking in this area, it probably means they are vulnerable to a certain type of attack which I will reveal to you in this guide. You’ll see what I mean after you read this post. Your team is missing some vital support from the other players. They need more than cookies, however. They need a strategy!

Cookie Run: Kingdom – Top 3 Support Cookies to Add to Your Team

Cookies? Hand-picked? For you? Sure! You see, these are the support cookies that most of the community use and find helpful.

Cotton Cookie

Cotton Cookie is one of the newest Cookies to be added to the game. It confuses and frustrates almost every player who picks it up. The only defence against it is simply to refuse to play. This is the best “Support Cookie” in “Cookie Run: Kingdom”. It’s so good, it’s almost unfair. Because she has no previous track records, she is initially treated as a new cookie.

When the vintage lantern that emits warm light in her hands restores her power frequently, she feels a sense of peace and well-being. It also works in reverse. If you have a weak entity and you strengthen another entity with this item, then the original entity will be strengthened.

This is a great strategy for beginners because it gives you an easy win every time. But, as you progress, you’ll want to try other tactics which require more brain power… The best topping for Cotton Candy is… well… it’s always going to be Swift Chocolate.

Parfait Cookie

Your “Cookie Star” is the perfect addition to your team. She’ll bring instant credibility and star power to your team. Parfait Cookie is always ready for fun. The Cookie has her own event in the game but does not share a bond with anyone

Her special skill ‘Paru-Paru-Parfait’ makes her break into a song. This restores the team’s HP, increases DEF, and makes them immune to debuffs. The best toppings for Parfait Cookie are Swift Chocolate and Searing Raspberry.

Mint Choco Cookie

Another fantastic Support Cookie with musical notes is called Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie. He has been in the game ever since its release. In the ‘Sparkling Cookie’s Regulars’ he shares a bond with Sparkling Cookie, Vampire Cookie, and Herb Cookie.

His special skill is aptly titled ‘Battlefield Symphony’. The Mint Choco Cookie takes out his violin to restore HP and boost the ATK SPD of the team. The best topping for Mint Choco Cookie is Swift Chocolate.

As you can see, there are a lot of good support cookies in the game. The only difference is in the person who can identify and use them the best. That will be all for this guide. Thanks for reading!

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