Tower of Fantasy: A Guide to Free Nucleus and In-Game Rewards

In the realm of gaming, few experiences compare to the thrill of immersing oneself in a captivating MMORPG universe. Tower of Fantasy, a sensation that has taken the gaming community by storm, is not only a testament to this but also a remarkable journey reminiscent of popular titles like Genshin Impact. In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting world of Tower of Fantasy codes, a gateway to unparalleled treasures and advantages within the game.

Tower of Fantasy Codes Guide: Free Nucleus and In Game Rewards

Embarking on a Gacha Adventure

Tower of Fantasy invites players into a universe teeming with diverse characters, each possessing their own unique traits and abilities. However, the path to assembling an unbeatable squad of characters is lined with challenges that demand copious in-game resources and currency.

Fear not, for Tower of Fantasy codes stand ready to be your allies in this quest, bestowing upon you a significant headstart and a cache of invaluable items including Nuclei, Weapon Batteries, and Gold.

Unveiling Tower of Fantasy Codes

To harness the full potential of these generous offerings, let’s explore the roster of active Tower of Fantasy codes that grant access to a world of in-game treasures. These codes serve as virtual keys to unlock not just rewards, but a strategic edge that can redefine your gaming experience.

  • TOFHBD – 50 Dark Crystal, 5 Random Weapon Augment Kits, and 1 Gold Nucleus 
  • TOFHAPPYBDAY – 50 Dark Crystals, 5 Random Weapon Augment Kits, and 1 Gold Nucleus
  • TOF1STSPGIFT – Special Voucher 
  • TOFSEAANNIVERSARY – 50 Dark Crystals, 1 Gold Nucleus
  • TOF1STANNIV – Special Voucher 
  • ZEKE0808MYOUKEI – 50 Dark Crystals
  • 0811GENTOU1ST – Special Voucher
  • SHIRLI0811NEMESIS – 50 Dark Crystal
  • SEIKANTSUUSHIN1ST – Red Nucleus, 2 Gold Nucleus, 2 Proof of Purchase 
  • TOFGALAXY – Avatar Frame, Galaxy Gamer Title, 3 Gold Nucleus, 20 SR Relic Shard Boxes
  • YOUKINNOBAKA – 2 Gold Nuclei, 1 Red Nucleus, 2 Gold Nuclei, 2 Proof of Purchase
  • LETSGODOMAIN9 – 50 Dark Crystals, 1 Gold Nucleus, and 5 Weapon Augmentation Box II
  • Link2Domain9 – 3 Red Nucleus, a special voucher, the Domain 9 Voyager title, 3 Red Nucleus, a Special Voucher, a Fortress Combat Equipment Box, Signet III, 80 Weapon Development Material Box I, and 60,000 Gold
  • TOFGALAXY – 3 Gold Nucleus, Avatar Frame, a Galaxy Gamer title, 20 SR Relic Shard Box

A Glimpse into the Past

However, as with all good things, the availability of certain codes is finite. Codes that have once graced the gaming community with their benefits eventually find their way into the annals of history, residing in the realm of expired Tower of Fantasy codes.

These codes, once potent, have now retired from active duty, leaving behind a trail of grateful players who once reaped their bountiful rewards.

Expired Codes:

  • ht888
  • huanta666
  • huanta888
  • huanta520
  • ht666
  • ht520
  • YL666
  • YL777
  • YL999

Cracking the Code: Redemption Made Easy

Assembling an arsenal of Tower of Fantasy codes is merely the first step; the real magic unfolds when you learn how to redeem them. To claim your hard-earned rewards, follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate the Gift Box: Begin by clicking or tapping on the gift box icon, nestled in the upper-right corner of your gaming screen. If you’re a PC player, holding down the Alt key enables your cursor, allowing you to seamlessly interact with the icon.
  2. Navigating to Rewards: Upon opening the gift screen, journey to the rewards section. It’s conveniently positioned between the “Special Operation” and “Newcomer Event” tabs.
  3. The Exchange: The next move is to tap or click on the exchange button. This action opens the gateway to redeeming your Tower of Fantasy code.
  4. Enter the Code: Awaiting you is a text field, eagerly anticipating your code’s arrival. Enter the code meticulously, ensuring its accuracy.
  5. Claim Your Spoils: With the successful input of a valid code, your coveted items will soon grace your in-game mailbox. To access this treasure trove, journey to the “Friends” section in the menu and locate the mailbox icon perched in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  6. Embrace the Bounty: Behold the fruits of your labor as you claim your items from the mailbox. These rewards serve as a testament to your mastery of the Tower of Fantasy code redemption process.


The realm of Tower of Fantasy beckons, offering an experience that resonates with both seasoned adventurers and newcomers alike. With Tower of Fantasy codes, the journey becomes all the more thrilling as you unlock a treasure trove of Nuclei, Weapon Batteries, Gold, and more.

By following the straightforward redemption process, these codes become the key to a realm where your gaming dreams are not just realized but enhanced.

Whether you’re a PC enthusiast or a mobile maven, Tower of Fantasy’s enchanting landscapes and thrilling quests await your exploration.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by; arm yourself with Tower of Fantasy codes and set forth on a journey that promises not only rewards but a legacy within the gaming world. Embark now, for the tower stands tall, and the fantasy is yours to conquer.

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