Zelda: TOTK | Musanokir Shrine Location And Walkthrough

The vast and enchanting world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is full of mysteries and challenges waiting to be unraveled. Among these, the Musanokir Shrine is a testament to the game’s intricate puzzle design.

Nestled within the Korok Forest, this shrine presents the ‘Swing to Hit’ trial, demanding players to master physics and momentum. In this detailed walkthrough, we will guide you through the steps to locate Musanokir Shrine, solve its complex puzzles, and emerge victorious with the coveted Light of Blessing.

How To Locate & Complete Musanokir Shrine In Zelda: TOTK

Discovering Musanokir Shrine

Embarking on the journey to Musanokir Shrine requires a bit of navigation and puzzle-solving prowess. Positioned at the Korok Forest’s heart, it challenges even the most skilled adventurers.

To reach the shrine, players must delve into the Depths and locate the Rikonasum Lightroot, which guides Ascend back to the Surface. Once you’ve unraveled these mysteries, you’ll be ready to tackle Musanokir Shrine’s trials.

Locating Musanokir Shrine

The shrine resides at the center of the Korok Forest, south of the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower. However, reaching it is not as simple as gliding down with a paraglider.

Its coordinates are (0408, 2133, 0144), but access requires Ascending from the Depths near the Rikonasum Lightroot (0436, 2094, -0588).

Walkthrough of Musanokir Shrine’s Puzzles

Musanokir Shrine’s challenges are centered around mastering the principles of physics and momentum. Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide to conquer this trial:

  1. The Collapsed Bridge: Descend the stairs to encounter a collapsed bridge with a metal ball and a large metal cube on opposing sides of the gap.
  2. Leveraging Ultrahand: Utilize the Ultrahand ability to grasp the metal ball and attach it to the large metal cube. This action raises the collapsed bridge, opening the way forward.
  3. Bridge Adjustment: If the bridge’s height still hinders your progress, readjust the position of the large metal cube to elevate the bridge further.
  4. Hitting the Target: As you cross the bridge, spot a metal ball suspended by a chain and a target. Collect the large metal cube used to raise the bridge, then attach it to the hanging metal ball using Ultrahand.
  5. Precise Release: Grasp the large metal cube with Ultrahand, pull it upwards, and release it to strike the target effectively.
  6. The Complex Chamber: Proceed to the next chamber, where you’ll encounter various elements, including a target, metal cube, metal ball, log, and a chest on the right wall.
  7. Constructing the Bridge: Place the metal cube against the right wall and align it with the floor’s edge. Use the log to create a ramp by leaning it against the metal cube, forming a bridge to reach the chest.
  8. Claiming the Prize: Walk across the log-made bridge and open the chest to unveil a valuable Zonai charge.
  9. Assembling the Contraption: Attach the large metal ball to the hanging metal ball connected to the block. Attach the log to the side of the block facing the large target.
  10. Precise Launch: Employ Ultrahand to raise the metal cube away from the target and release it, launching the contraption toward the target.
  11. Triumph through Precision: Wait for the log to connect with the target, unlocking the shrine’s exit.
  12. Claiming the Reward: Proceed to the exit and collect your hard-earned Light of Blessing, a symbol of your triumph over the shrine’s challenges.

Conclusion: The Triumph of Strategy

The Musanokir Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom stands as a testament to the game’s intricate puzzles and challenges.

Through mastery of physics and momentum, players can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

By skillfully maneuvering metal cubes, balls, and logs, adventurers can unveil treasures and unlock the path to the Light of Blessing. With this comprehensive walkthrough, you are equipped to conquer the shrine’s trials and continue your epic journey through the enchanting world of Hyrule.

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