Gotham Knights – Failed To Join Game Session – Fix

Gotham Knights are the latest addition to the much-awaited Knights series from WB Games. Batman is dead. It is now up to the Batman Family – Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin – to protect Gotham City.

You can also join your friend on a Co-Op journey across Gotham where you explore different adventures and terrains together.

But what if you are unable to join your friend’s lobby? Well, it is true and kind of a bummer for Gotham Fans out there. Let us see how we can fix this.

Gotham Knights Batgirl

How To Fix Failed To Join Session in Gotham Knights

This is a known issue amongst many players in the community right now. In order to fix this, the only method that worked for me and others is:

  • Join your friends’ games from steam instead of using their WB friend list.
  • Ask your friend to either invite you on Steam
  • Alternatively, click on your friend’s name on Steam, and press Join Game from there.

Once you are inside the lobby, I do not think you should have any issues afterwards. You can enjoy the game without any disconnections from then on.

Mention any other methods to fix this issue if you have any. I am hoping that WB will fix this in an upcoming patch quite soon. Until then, this method is your best bet to Play Co-Op and fix the issue.

Thanks for reading!

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