How To Use Console In Victoria 3

Paradox Development Studio invites you to build your ideal society in the tumult of the exciting and transformative 19th century. Balance the competing interests in your society and earn your place in the sun in Victoria 3, one of the most anticipated games in Paradox’s history.

A lot of players tend to tweak their custom servers and games, or simply want to check some settings in the consoles of the game. Unfortunately for some, the console will not open even if they press the bound key in Victoria 3.

Victoria 3 console enable

For that purpose, I will try to help you all out by showing you how to open the Console in the game if it is not opening for you in the first place.

How To Access and Use Console in Victoria 3

I can only suggest the given fix or step for Steam users. Since there is a set of rules to follow there, the Steam version of the console is tested and working 100%

  • To enable or use the console using the following command line:

You need to copy and paste the above code in the Command Line argument of Victoria 3. If you do not know the command line location here it is:

  • Steam Library > Victoria 3 > Right-click and open settings > Properties > general
  • Paste code in the launch options of the game.

Exit the window and start the game again and the console should work for you now.

Do let me know in the comments if the method does not work for you, or if you need more help with setting up the console.

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